What is SAP HANA and How it impacts current digital world

SAP HANA is also another piece of software. It is called in-memory database software. SAP HANA is invented and developed by SAP AG. It can be installed only Linux version as on date. It can be accessed from any operating system using SAP HANA studio.

SAP HANA is only a database it would also act as a platform built for the digital world. SAP HANA reduces complex IT infrastructure. It reduces redundancy of data and will operate with less number of tables.

SAP HANA would act as one platform all Applications. Developing new applications in a complex IT landscapes could be difficult because of limitations such as time it takes is more, expensive to build and maintain.

SAP HANA takes the challenges of transnational & analytical applications in one platform. Traditional systems were optimized either for transactions or analytical applications. That mean, if you have a business application based on HANA platform, you don’t need maintain a separate server for analytical purposes. The same transnational data can be used for analytical purposes. Data moment would be faster than ever and so the reports would be available immediately. This kind of arrangement of analyzing transnational data in real-time leads to take quick & best decisions.

SAP HANA can use advancement in technologies such as using cheap and more memory, multi-core CPUs and on-board cache. In earlier days, memory was costly and there were no multi-core CPUs and there is not sufficient on-board cache which is still a bottleneck. We used to depend on the limited hardware resources, so that, we were reading the data from disk into memory then to CPU. Now, Entire database can be inserted in to the live RAM. Present CPUs can process multiple tasks simultaneously. All these factors improves the performance and achieving speed in executing different applications.

SAP software would run usually run on any traditional databases such as Oracle, MS SQL, BD2, MaxDB, ASE…etc. You can use the fastest hardware to run SAP software. You may get the doubt that why you need a new platform called SAP HANA? By keeping SAP business application into new hardware would give some gains but it would not be able to fully exploit the power of the new hardware. So SAP has taken the decision to design a new software called SAP HANA. SAP built SAP HANA to exploit the power of new hardware fully.

SAP HANA is a platform which built on new and modern hardware and it combines all the key components. The key components are database, data processing, app development, life cycle management and data integration. Using SAP HANA you can develop powerful applications to fulfill the desires of digital era.

Key capabilities of SAP HANA

Application services: SAP HANA is basically a database software but it also provides many application services. You can simply develop an application using SAP HANA box and you can access it by using a simple web browser just like a traditional website. That means, it is just 2-tier model. There is no need of separate application server. SAP HANA can handle the business logic along with database services. You can use SAP HANA box to develop, run applications. That means, everything that a developer needs to develop application available in HANA box and what is needed at run time is also there.

Processing Services: SAP HANA has native in-memory engines to process any types of data (Text, Spacial, Graphic) in real-time. SAP HANA provides not only stores these data types but also would give us the facility to build applications that can process and integrate this data with traditional data types.

Integration services: SAP HANA comes with built-in capabilities to extract, transform and load from any data sources such as Traditional databases, Hadoop, IoT…etc

Database services: SAP HANA is basically a database software that run in-memory column and row store. It support both OLTP and OLAP requirements was built to run on high end hardware.

Finally, SAP HANA is a powerful software that can influence present digital era with its vast range of capabilities.

You can learn SAP HANA administration or development on HANA online with the help of my simple explanation. You can either download my videos or can attend live training. If you are running a business wants to implement SAP HANA in your organisation, reply back.

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