What is SAP basis? What is the scope for freshers?

SAP Basis is simply a Business Application Software Integration System. It may not be an official abbreviation given by SAP. Basis is one of the component within SAP software (SAP_BASIS) which includes all the system administration related programs (applications) with which one can maintain SAP software.

Every product (Software or Hardware) needs to be maintained for rectifying various problems that usually end users face in their day-to-day tasks. To simply SAP Basis administration simple, SAP has provided simple transaction codes (ex: su01, pfcg, rz10, rz11, stms,sm36, sm37, sm50, sm51, sm04, sm59, spad, dbacockpit, st05, st01, st22, smlg, scc4, sccl, scc3, scc9, scc5, scc7, scc8, se01, se09, se11, se16, sp01, SAINT, SPAM, BD53, SARA,ST11, ST06, SM21, SM12 and many more).

Learning SAP Basis administration is nothing but simply understanding and use the above t-codes efficiently.

I don’t want to write lengthy about this topic as I would like to make it simple for you to understand.

To get more clarity on SAP Basis job role, review the following IT roles. You will get quick idea about what is sap basis…

  1. People who maintain computers are called – Hardware engineers
  2. People who maintain networking – Network administrators
  3. People who maintain Operating Systems – OS administrators
  4. People hwo maintain Database software – Database Administrarors
  5. People who maintain SAP Systems – SAP Basis administrators

By going through above job roles, you should get an idea on what is SAP Basis.

Now, What is the scope of SAP Basis?

As long as the organisations (IT or NON-IT) use SAP software to run their businesses, SAP Basis administrator or SAP Basis consultant role would always be there. Opportunities in SAP Basis are plenty for the people who have right skills to maintain and troubleshoot sap systems.

I hope most of the businesses are planning to use SAP software to run their businesses. Already more than 70% fortune 500 companies are using SAP software to run their businesses. You can imagine if all the small companies start using SAP software, how big it would be and how many jobs would be created.

SAP software is becoming famous day-by-day because of its integration capabilities. It takes care of all the connectivity between present and future technologies easily.

Raj Punarvasi – SAP Basis / Netweaver / HANA consultant cum trainer

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  1. Balu

    hi sir,i want to know what is the feature of sap basis administrator .i.e. currently sap customers r moving towrds sap HANA so beaing a basis admin i will learn Hana administration. but how many years i can survived as a hana admin. Becoz in decade data centers also moving to ward cloud like aws. So for example all companies are moved to cloud then what is the role of basis/hana admin.
    What i have to learn after hana administration?
    Please guide me for ther cources i am willing to learn
    Thank you in advance sir.

    • Raj

      In IT industry there would be some changes as years progress. You should always keep learning new things. Even though everything moves onto cloud, SAP Basis, HANA administrators should be there to maintain SAP Systems within cloud. You should add knowledge in cloud computing also. If you want to learn SAP HANA administration or Cloud Computing, reply back on punarvasi@gmail.com

    • Vpaul

      Hi Raj!

      this is great info here. I really like to learn more about SAP basis admin. Please can you tell me when is your next training course start?

      I can be reach at vpat001@gmail.com

      Thank you!

      • Raj

        Hi Mr. Vipul, I am providing video training on SAP Basis and HANA administration. I have sent a details mail. Please check and reply back.


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