What are the analysis views available after display the workload of an SAP instance?

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After display the workload of an SAP instance, different analysis views are available for further analysis of the statistics data that displayed. These views are available in the lower left panel of the workload monitor. You can view the different analysis views in the following image.

Analysis views of workload of selected instance

  • Workload overview: By default, the current day overview is shown unless you select another time period.
  • Transaction Profile: This has two options: Standard and EarlyWatch. In Standard, you see the dialog data by default, where in EarlyWatch all task types are displayed. These profiles are helpful in identifying those transactions which cause most of the load or performance problems.
  • Time Profile: Statistical data of the chosen task type is segmented according to the granularity level and time interval you specified.
  • Ranking Lists: Task types, for example, dialog steps, can be viewed in descending order of dialog time or number of database accesses.
  • Memory Use Statistics
  • RFC Profiles: This item provides separate statistics for client-like and server-like behaviour. You can also look up statistics for client and server destinations, users, called function blocks, and much more.
  • User and Settlement Statistics: This provides statistics per user and client
  • Frontend Statistics

Response Time Distribution: This provides very useful information on how the response times in your system/instance are distributed. In particular, the Percentages (Cumulated) tab could be used for monitoring service level agreements. For instance, your hosting company guaranteed that 95% of the dialog requests have an average dialog response time of two seconds or better.

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