Transactions that are used by SAP Basis/Netweaver administrators on daily basis

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SAP system administrators use the following range of transactions on a daily basis in an AS ABAP system. All of the transactions are provided with their initial screens below.

Transaction SU01

SU01 transaction is used to maintain user master record of an individual. We can use this t-code to create new user or maintain existing users. We can assign new roles or authorization profiles to users. SU10 transaction is used to maintain mass users. The following screen shots are initial screens of individual user and mass user maintenance screens.

Initial screen of Transaction SU01

Initial screen of Transaction SU10

Transaction SM02

SM02 transaction is used to pass the system related information to the people affected. These messages are displayed when each user interact with the system, if the message has not yet been expired. Following is the initial screen shot and new message creation.

Transaction SM02

Transaction SM21

SM21 transaction is used to analyze system messages that are recorded in a log file. This log file is stored at \sapmntDEVDVEBMGS00log directory. The name of the log file is SLOG00. This log file is called as System Log or SysLog. Following is the screen shot of initial screen of SysLog.

Transaction SM21 - System Log


Transaction SM13

SM13 Transaction is used to check whether the update process runs smoothly. With the help of details displayed in this log, we can analyze the problems during an update. Following is the initial screen shot of update requests.

Transaction SM13 - Update process log

Transaction SM12

SM12 Transaction is used to view and manage entries in the lock table. The lock table normally managed by enqueue work process. The following screen shot is the initial screen of lock table.

Transaction SM12 - Lock table


Transaction SM50, SM66

SM50 and SM66 Transaction codes are used to display the work process overview of local and global system. The local work process overview provides comprehensive information on the work process configured on the logged on instance. Following is the screen shot of local work process overview.

Transaction SM50 - Work process overview

Transaction SM04

SM04 Transaction is used to display all users logged on to the local instance. Using the initial screen of this transaction, we can log off an user or can display an overview of main memory used by an individual session. ALo8 is used to display the list of users logged on to all instances of the entire system.  Following is the screen shot of initial screen of SM04 transaction.

Transaction SM04 - List of local users


Transaction SM51

SM51 Transaction is used to display the information about instances that are currently active in the SAP system.  Request queue information can be displayed by selecting an instance and Goto- Server Name – Information – Queue Information. The following screen shot shows the initial screen shot of this transaction.

Transaction SM51 - List of Instances of SAP system

Transaction SM37

SM37 Transaction is used to display background jobs that are either planned or have already been executed in the system.  The following screen shows the initial screen of SM37

Transaction SM37 - Job overview

If you need explanation about each transaction in a live server, please get back to me. I will give you 1 hour one-to-0ne interactive class on these important transaction codes. You can reach me using either following comment form available below or using contact us tab in this blog.

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