Top programming languages for freshers for web or app development

I have asked this question to my brother who is working in a well recognized company, He is working as a web developer. He is the top earner in the company because of his tremendous skill set. He had replied to my question, I thought If I put that list here, fresh programmmers would get benefit out of this list. I encourage each of my viewer who is really interested in programming to learn all the following list of programming languages and at at least one database and one operating system.

List of programming languages:

Web development

Frontend : JavaScript, CSS(SASS), HTML5, Angular/React/Vue,js –

Backend : Node, PHP/Python – Database : MongoDB(Nosql), Mysql

App Development –

Andriod : Java, Kotlin, Sqlite (LocalDB)

IOS : Swift4

I hope this simple list is useful to you. If you have any questions or doubts you can use the following form. I will get back as soon as possible with right answer.

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  1. Burunolla Bala Akash

    What we can do with diploma computer course certificate .I know basic program knowledge,cloud,web design..c,c++
    I can get job company after my diploma without bteach..

    • Raj

      Hi Mr. Akash

      Yes you will get job with diploma also. As you have skills in web design, create your own blog and write important notes and tips. So that, people who are interested in your skills would contact you. So that, you can ask them a job or work. You can watch my youtube channel for more suggestions. Subscribe at


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