Step-by-step procedure to install SAP HANA software

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As usual, installing SAP software is little confusing when you compare with other software install. It is just because SAP software is not single piece of software. It need integration between other dependencies like specific database and operating system. Hardware requirements to install SAP HANA also huge. But, if you try to understand, SAP HANA installation is pretty simple.

Step-by-step procedure to install SAP HANA software:

  1. Download and install SUSE Linux enterprise 12 SP3 (Today’s available version)
  2. You can install SUSE Linux either in the server directly or can be installed using VMware kind of virtualization software
  3. Download HANA DB installation files from SAP Service Market place
  4. HANA database files usually in this format (51052325_part1.exe, 51052325_part2.rar, 51052325_part3.rar and 51052325_part4.rar) Numbers would change as new version releases
  5. Extract above multi-rar files using first exe file. Simply double clicking on exe file will extract and keep all the files within 51052325 folder
  6. If you are using VMware to install SUSE linux, you can use WINSCP program to connect to SUSE from your Windows machine
  7. Simply copy HDB_SERVER_LINUX_X86_64 to SUSE Linux into /tmp folder
  8. Now, run the following command to give full permissions to /tmp folder
  9. Switch to folder /tmp and then type the following command
  10. chmod -R 777
  11. Now, switch to folder HDB_SERVER_LINUX_X86_64  in Linux machine
  12. Now, run the following command to start the HANA installation
  13. ./hdblcmgui
  14. GUI screen will open
  15. Rest is strait forward
  16. You can complete the installation within 20min-30min
  17. You can access SAP HANA from your windows system using SAP HANA studio. You can locate HANA studio within the same folder i.e 51052325

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As soon as you install SAP HANA database software in your environment, you can use it to install further applications like SAP Netweaver for ABAP development or for analytical purposes. You can also use the same SAP HANA database box to perform SAP S/4 HANA 1511, SAP S/4 HANA 1610 or SAP S/4 HANA 1709 installations. If you don’t have the sufficient hardware resources, you can use one of the available cloud service providers (Ex: AWS, Google cloud or Microsoft Azure)

You can ask any number of doubts or questions on this topic using the following web form.

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