SAP S/4 HANA Financial Accounting certification exam & which books that you need to refer

The certification code is C_TS4FI_1909 and Certification name is SAP Certified Application Associate – SAP S/4HANA for Financial Accounting Associates (SAP S/4HANA 1909)

There will be 80 questions in the exam and duration of the exam is 180 Minutes. 

You will get the following books when you take the official training. You can also get these books from other sources and read those to get the knowledge. 

TS4F02_1_EN_Col14 – Financial Accounting in SAP S4HANA – Academy Part II – part I (searchable)
TS4F02_2_EN_Col14 – Financial Accounting in SAP S4HANA – Academy Part II – part II (searchable)


TS4F02_1_EN_Col14 – Financial Accounting in SAP S4HANA – Academy Part II – part I (searchable)

Financial Closing Overview and Basic Settings
Explaining the Periodic Closing Process
Financial Statements
Managing Financial Statements
Using SAP S/4HANA Reporting Options
Fixed and Current Assets
Executing Closing Activities Within Asset Accounting
Managing Closing Activities in Materials Management
Receivables and Payables
Creating Balance Confirmations
Managing the Foreign Currency Valuation
Managing Value Adjustments
Regrouping Receivables and Payables
Profit and Loss
Explaining Cost of Sales Accounting
Posting Accruals and Deferrals
Accruals Management – Manual Accruals
Accruals Management – Purchase Order Accruals
Ledger Group-Specific Postings
Posting Ledger Group-Specific FI Documents
Technical, Organizational, and Documentary Closing Activities
Managing Technical Steps During the Period-End Closing
Executing the Balance Audit Trail
Explaining the Purpose of Document Splitting in General
Ledger Accounting
Financial Closing Cockpit
Managing the Financial Closing Cockpit
Inter company Reconciliation
Performing the Inter company Reconciliation Process

TS4F02_2_EN_Col14 – Financial Accounting in SAP S4HANA – Academy Part II – part II (searchable)

Organizational Structures
Assigning a Chart of Accounts and a Chart of Depreciation
to a Company Code
Assigning Management Accounting Objects to Fixed Assets
Defining How Depreciation Areas Post to the General
Understanding the Importance of Asset Classes in Fixed
Master Data
Explaining the Components of an Asset Class
Creating and Changing Master Data in Asset Accounting
Carrying Out Mass Changes to Asset Master Data Using a
Asset Transactions
Processing Acquisitions
Posting Non-Integrated Asset Acquisitions and
Understanding the Integration with Materials Management
Posting Integrated and Non-Integrated Asset Retirements
Performing Transfers Within Company Code and
Intercompany Asset Transfers
Representing, Distributing, and Settling Assets Under
Entering and Analyzing Unplanned Depreciation
Periodic Processing and Valuation
Defining Depreciation Areas, Keys, Calculation, and Posting
Executing Programs for Fiscal Year Change and Year-End
Closing in Asset Accounting
Investment Support Measures
Parallel Accounting in Asset Accounting

Information System
Executing Various Asset Accounting Reports Using SAP List
Viewer and Sort Variants
A basic understanding of the analytics architecture in SAP
Executing Depreciation and Transaction Simulation
Understanding the Layout of an Asset History Sheet
Legacy Data Transfer
Entering Legacy Data Manually

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