SAP Fiori – principles, dimensions and user experience strategy

SAP Fiori is a Collection of UX-driven (UX- User Experience) apps renewing enterprise business functions. SAP Fiori Apps works seamlessly on desktops, tablets and smart phones

There are 3 dimensions for defining SAP Fiori. They are Design, Concept and Technology. In every dimension, there are rules & guidelines exist for defining SAP Fiori.

New Phase of SAP Fiori design:

Designing is the first phase of SAP Fiori and it is very important part of SAP UX strategy. SAP Fiori design phase consists of New, Renew and Empower phases.

What can you achieve from New phase of SAP Fiori design:

  1. Efficient access to information
  2. User productivity
  3. Reduction in complexity (App becomes simple to user)

Renew phase of SAP Fiori design:

In renew phase of design phase, SAP adopt today’s standards and guidelines in existing applications (RENEW). Classic ABAP t-codes converted into sevaral small apps connected via the navigation path of each transaction code. RENEW phase offers a new and more flexible and more task oriented way of consuming data from SAP ABAP systems and interacting with those systems.

You can experience SAP Fiori apps using the following url.

You can access SAP Fiori reference library form the following url

Empower phase of SAP Fiori design:

SAP assist its customers in adapting applications of SAP to their needs or even to create their own solutions. SAP offers tools, technologies, best practices and education to achieve the goal of empowering user experience with new Fiori apps.


Tools & Technologies to empower SAP customers:

SAP Splash is a tool for prototyping customers’ own applications using SAP Fiori UI

SAP Splash can be used at free of cost. You can go to the following link to know more…

BUILD is an open source framework connecting SAP Splash with SAP Web IDE to generate
SAPUI5 coding in SAP Web IDE, based on prototypes made in SAP Splash.

SAP Web IDE is the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for SAP’s web technology
SAPUI5, the basis of all SAP Fiori web apps.

UI Theme Designer is a browser-based, graphical WYSIWYG editor for designing the look
of web apps.

SAP Fiori launchpad is the customizable role-based start page and frame for SAP Fiori web

SAP Fiori Concept:

  1. Role based – Designed for your needs and for your work
  2. Adaptive – Adapts to uses cases and device types
  3. Simple – Focuses on essential
  4. Coherent – Provides a fluid intuitive experience
  5. Delightful – Makes an emotional connection

Above mentioned five design principles are at the core of every an SAP Fiori app

SAP Fiori decomposes all the large transactions into several discrete(separate) apps according to user
roles. All these apps are connected to each other, so all the tasks that were available in original
transactions are still possible. but they are only accessed if deliberately chosen by user. The
SAP Fiori launchpad is central entry point for all the relevant apps.

To access, SAP Fiori guideline, use the following url…

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