SAP basis training videos – step-by-step procedures

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SAP basis training videos

SAP Basis training videos are recorded by me(Mr. Raj Punarvasi). I have trained & helped students & clients in more than 50 countries. I have recorded these videos to make learning sap basis much much easier. If you want to learn sap basis quickly, you should watch my videos 3-4 times. After watching these videos, you definitely gain confidence about handling various sap systems easily.

SAP Basis course

SAP Basis training videos are specially recorded to transform my knowledge to you as quick as possible. You can refer these sap basis training videos to make learning sap basis easier, flexible and more convenient.

SAP Basis training videos – Features

  • Great voice clarity
  • Powerful screen recorder is used to make these videos to achieve great screen clarity
  • Straight to the point is discussed in all the videos without beating around the bush
  • 90% practical oriented explanation
  • Recorded by an international expert SAP Basis/Netweaver/HANA trainer
  • SAP basis training videos should help you to learn sap basis administration simply by watching videos.
  • SAP Basis training videos are recorded based on the learning abilities of other people (Ex: Freshers also can learn easily)

SAP Basis training videos – Top Benefits:

  • You can learn Most important, worldwide recognized and extremely useful course in few days
  • You can save lot of time with the help of practical step-by-step procedures on sap basis activities
  • You can attend the interviews within 10-15 days (Ex: If you spend 8 hours/day to watch the videos

SAP Basis training videos – Advantages:

  • SAP Basis training videos enables you to avoid reading of lengthy certification/course books to learn small topics
  • SAP Basis training videos helps you to avoid travelling to a physical institute
  • Using SAP Basis training videos, you can learn at your convenient place & time
  • You can watch sap basis training videos using your i-pad/laptop/phone
  • SAP Basis training videos helps you to set your own course duration at your convenient time
  • No more missing classes due to self absents when you have sap basis training videos with you

Apart from the listed videos, there are some bonus videos. You will get HANA installation videos also when you become my student.

Raj’s videos / training Other Videos / Training
GREAT Voice clarity tick x
Precise INFORMATION in Videos tick  x
90% practical oriented explanation tick  x

Sessions/Classes Title of the SAP BASIS TRAINING video Duration
Session 1 Preparing system for Netweaver Installation
1 Installing Vmware workstation 00:06:22
2 Installing Windows server 2008 00:08:36
3 Setting FQDN of Win Server for SAP system installation 00:04:42
4 Configuring performance settings in Windows server 2008 00:01:33
5 Installing, configuring and testing J2SDK 00:04:05
6 Installing Oracle in Windows server 2008 00:05:29
7 Applying Oracle patch set 00:06:35
8 Installing and configuring MS Loopback adapter (Optional) 00:05:42
9 Uninstall Oracle 00:04:06
Session 2 Installing SAP Netweaver
10 How to do prerequisites check for SAP Installations 00:05:40
11 Installing Central Services Instance – Global Host preparation 00:11:21
12 Installing Database Instance 00:09:05
13 Installing Central Instance 00:08:45
14 Installing Dialog Instance 00:11:55
15 How to install SAP Netweaver 7 0 EHP1 within VMware workstation 9 00:46:53
Session 3 Front end installation
16 Installing SAP GUI for Windows 00:05:02
17 Applying patch to SAP GUI for Windows 00:05:01
18 Installing SAP GUI for JAVA 00:06:05
19 Configuring SAP GUI for HTML 00:08:46
Session 4 Post Installation tasks
20 How to start SAP system 00:02:36
21 How to log on to SAP system 00:03:04
22 Installation check 00:00:53
23 Installing SAP License 00:08:31
24 TMS configuration 00:06:54
25 Importing profiles 00:03:36
26 Changing default client 00:06:18
27 Stop SAP system 00:02:30
Session 5 SAP System Architecture
28 SAP architecture – Introduction 00:15:24
29 Client and Server configurations 00:13:38
30 Instance and characteristics of a Central Instance 00:14:34
31 AS ABAP Work processes 00:19:47
32 How SAP system communicates with the database 00:07:53
33 Process flow for a dialog step 00:09:19
34 Difference between database transaction and SAP transaction 00:08:32
35 Process flow for user requests 00:17:56
36 Significance of Lock mechanism 00:15:43
Session 6 Profile maintenance and parameter setting
37 Introduction to profile files and maintenance 00:16:26
38 Profile files at Operating System level 00:05:04
39 How to maintain instance profile 00:16:21
40 What is start profile and how to recognize 00:08:59
41 How to maintain default profile of an SAP system 00:12:55
42 Operation modes 00:16:50
43 Consistency check of SAP system profiles 00:13:09
Session 7 User Administration
44 Basics of user administration and authorization concept 00:08:24
45 User administration in SAP system 00:16:02
46 Mass user maintenance 00:11:24
47 Login Parameters 00:08:14
Session 8 Security Administration
48 Security administration 00:26:28
49 Missing authorization concept 00:13:55
50 How to download and upload a single role in an SAP system 00:05:28
Session 9 Client Administration
51 Client creation 00:06:45
52 Log in to new client 00:08:33
53 Client copy – Local 00:13:58
54 Deleting client 00:08:43
55 Client export and import 00:14:21
56 Remote client copy 00:15:58
57 How to use SCC1 T-Code 00:08:32
Session 10 Setting up remote connections
58 What is RFC 00:09:45
59 Creating RFC destinations 00:08:58
60 Testing RFC connection 00:03:22
61 Remote Logon 00:03:50
Session 11 SAP system landscape
62 What is SAP system landscape 00:04:18
63 Configuring single system landscape in SAP Netweaver 00:07:59
64 Configuring two system landscape in SAP Netweaver 00:08:02
65 Configuring three system landscape in SAP Netweaver 00:11:47
66 Configuring multi system landscape in SAP Netweaver 00:13:04
Session 12 TMS Terminology and concepts
67 Checking TMS configuration 00:05:43
68 Creating TMS – System landscape 00:10:40
69 Creating transport routes 00:07:34
70 Transporting single role using customizing request 00:14:10
71 Creating sample ABAP program 00:05:15
72 Transporting object using Workbench request 00:17:50
73 How to configure backup domain controller 00:03:44
Session 13 Tools for SAP system administration
74 Daily tasks in SAP system management 00:14:07
75 SAP service market place 00:14:00
76 SAP Developer network 00:11:37
Session 14 SAP Support activities
77 Introduction to system monitoring 00:15:03
78 Creating CCMS monitor set and monitor 00:04:21
79 Configuring central monitoring 00:11:26
80 Properties variants and threshold values 00:08:54
Session 15 SAP Background administration
81 Fundamentals of background processing 00:14:54
82 How to create variant for an ABAP program 00:07:45
83 How to schedule time dependent jobs in an SAP system 00:13:56
84 How to schedule event based background job 00:07:42
Session 16 SAP Spool administration
85 Output processing in the SAP system 00:11:18
86 How to create output device and spool server in the SAP system 00:13:18
Session 17 SAP Patches and Add-ons
87 How to apply patches to an SAP system using SPAM t-code 00:14:03
88 How to install Add-on in an SAP ECC 6.0 EHP7 IDES system 00:07:17
89 How to install BI_CONT Add-on in an SAP system 00:10:39
90 How to apply patches to an SAP system using SPAM t-code 00:14:03
Session 18 Database Administration (Oracle)
91 How do we start and stop oracle instance in an SAP system 00:12:47
92 How to perform offline oracle database backup in SAP system 00:14:25
93 How to create new tablespace in the oracle database of an SAP system 00:20:26
94 How to drop a tablespace in the oracle database of an SAP system 00:09:25
95 How to extend tablespace in the oracle database in an SAP system 00:20:26
Bonus Session 1 Extra videos
96 Advanced navigation within the SAP system 00:17:43
97 How to activate extra language in SAP ECC IDES system 00:11:08
98 How to change the text of initial log on screen of an SAP system 00:04:55
99 How to download and upload roles in an SAP system 00:08:12
100 How to install and log on to SAP Enterprise portal 00:20:16
101 How to install EHP7 for ERP 6 0 IDES 00:59:29
102 Log on and screen design in sap Netweaver system 00:13:48
103 Logging on to an SAP system and initial tasks 00:08:58
104 How to install SAP BW 7.3 EHP1 00:56:20
Bonus session 2 ECC 6.0 EHP6 IDES installation in VMware workstion 9
105 Installing VMware workstation 9 for ECC 6.0 EHP6 IDES installation 00:15:05
106 How to install Windows Server 2008 OS for installing ECC 6.0 EHP6 IDES 00:20:15
107 Prerequisite software installation for installing ECC 6 0 EHP6 IDES 00:18:16
108 How to install ECC 6.0 EHP6 IDES in Windows Server 2008 00:23:40
109 Steps after ECC 6 0 EHP6 IDES central system installation 00:33:49
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  1. Durgesh

    Hi Raj Sir,

    I want the access of the above videos, as your teaching approach is very simple and easy to understand.I have watched your youtube videos and also very much interested on above videos.Kindly provide me the procedure to access the above videos.

  2. Prakash

    Hello Sir,
    Happy New Year

    I am interested to learn NW Basis Administration/ Basis. Please let me know the process.


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