SAP Basis course contents of version IT and WillSYS institutes.

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In the process of researching about sap basis training institutes, I went to 2 institutes, 1. Vesion IT and 2. WillSys which are located in Ameerpet, Hyderabad. I asked many of my friends and colleagues to suggest me for the best institute. Out of many institutes at Ameerpet for SAP Basis training, i heard most about these institutes. I have not yet joined in any institute, but definitely I will join one of these institutes in future. I am posting this information just to share the information which may be helpful to my blog readers. Please suggest me if you have any experiences with these institutes. I mean how they teach SAP basis training?

I went to version IT first, counseling was good, she explained clearly about the course, faculty, lab, duration of the theory and lab classes. The counseling in the willsys is not good, not explained properly about the course. She has sent me the course content to my mail ID. The lab was well equipped with more than 50 computers. Briefly about the details i got from the counselor posted in the following table. You can ask them for the latest course content whenever you plan for joining SAP basis training.

If you want to learn SAP Basis administration form your home or office, you can download 110 videos which are recorded by me with 90% practical oriented step-by-step procedures. You can use the following link to download my videos.

  • Faculty name – Mr. Rasheed (9 years real time experience)
  • Duration of the course – 60 days
  • Daily theory class duration – 1 Hour 15 minutes
  • Lab Access – 7 AM – 9 PM (any 3 hours daily)
  • Soft and Hard copy material along with software for practice
  • 1 week to 10 days workshop real time scenario
  • Resume preparation
  • Topic FAQ’s
  • Interview preparation questions
  • Fees: 12000/- can be paid in 2 installments
  • Faculty Name: Venkata Ramu
  • Duration of the course: 60 Days
  • Daily theory class: 2 Hours
  • Lab Access: 3 Hours daily
  • Fee: 15000/-
Course Contents Course Contents

  • Introduction to ERP
  • ERP Comparison


  • R/3 Architecture
  • R/2 Architecture
  • Architecture comparison
  • SAP Instance
  • Work process Services

SAP Landscape:

  • Multi system Landscape
  • 3 System Landscape
  • 2 System Landscape
  • 1 System Landscape

Implementation Phases:

  • Project preparation
  • Blue print
  • Realization
  • Testing
  • Go live and support

Installation (Windows / Linux)

  • Pre Installation activities
  • Installation
  • Post Installation
  • Installation of SAP 4.7 on Oracle, MSSQL
  • Installation of SAP ECC 5.0 on Oracle, MSSQL
  • Starting and stopping of SAP System

SAP Licensing:

  • Overview of applying SAP license from SAP AG
  • Install / Edit /Delete / License

SAP Directories:

User Administration:

  • User master records
  • User creation, deletion, lock, unlock, copy
  • Mass user creation / deletion

Client Administration:

  • Local client copy
  • Remote client copy
  • Client export / import

SAP securities:

  • Roles
  • Profiles
  • Authorizations
  • Single sign on
  • Overview of SOX, SOD tools

TMS (Transport Management System)

  • Landscape design
  • Transport domain
  • Transport group
  • Transport routes
  • Transport layers
  • Transporting at OS level and SAP level

CCMS (Computing Central Management System)

  • Health check
  • Profile parameters
  • Operation modes
  • Background Jobs
  • Standard Jobs

Spool Administration:

  • Local printing
  • Remote Printing
  • Access method
  • Temp Se Administration

Patch Management:

  • Knowledge about OSS (Online Support Services)
  • Adding patches and plug ins
  • Kernel patches

Database Administration:

  • Oracle database administration
  • MSSQL database administration


  • Table space administration
  • Starting and stopping instances
  • Reorganization
  • Exporting database
  • Database backup
  • Restoring database backup
  • Archive logs
  • Database file system

Advanced topics:

  • Live demonstration of SAP market place
  • Installation of solution manager 4.0
  • Maintenance optimizer
  • Early watch alerts
  • Central monitoring system
  • Service desk configuration
  • SAP router configuration
  • Installation of ECC 6.0 on Linux with oracle
  • System copy
  • MCOD (Multiple Components on Single Database)
  • DB refresh
  • R3LOAD
  • Kernel upgrades
  • Knowledge of upgrades
  • Migration from 32 bit to 64 bit
  • SAP best practice knowledge
  • Net weaver concepts
  • Interweave 2004s administration
  • EP, XI, Process Integration BI

  • Introduction of ERP, SAP R/3 overview.
  • Client server architecture
  • Hardware Sizing using quick seizer tool
  • Installation of ERP and GUI.
  • Starting and stopping of SAP R/3 systems
  • Post installation activities
  • SAP Transport management system
  • Client copies
  • Rfcs generation
  • Change and transport management system
  • kernel, SPAM/SAINT, Support Packages and Add-ons
  • TRANS directory structure.

Solution Manager:

  • Installation of Solution Manager & Post-installations  
  • Generation of license keys  
  • Satellite system configuration.
  • Solution creation and configurations
  • System Monitoring
  • System Administration
  • Maintenance Optimizer
  • Service Desk Configuration
  • Root Cause Analysis & End to End Monitoring
  • Router configuration
  • Implementation using ASAP methodology.
  • Change Request Management System.


  • Oracle database architecture
  • BRTools
  • Backup,Restore and Recovery
  • Homogeneous /Heterogeneous System Copies, DB Refresh and Disaster Recovery
  • DB monitoring,
  • Tape management
  • Space management
  • Migration of DMTS to LMTS
  • Database upgrade.

Support Phase:

  • mySAP ERP Solution Architecture
  • Planning the Installation of SAP ERP
  • Installing SAP GUI
  • SAP System Navigation
  • Software Development in SAP
  • Communication and Integration
  • Tools for SAP System Administration
  • Setting Up Remote Connections
  • Scheduling Background Tasks
  • Update Mechanism
  • Enqueue Mechanism
  • Spool Mechanism
  • Data Transfer Techniques
  • SAP Archiving
  • System Monitoring
  • CCMS Architecture
  • Handling Transports
  • SAP systems load balancing
  • Performance and Fine tuning of the system.
  • New language imports


  • Authorization
  • Designing SOD
  • Working with Profile Generator
  • User Management
  • Role Management
  • SOX Compliance
  • Configuring Virsa Tool
  • Authorization Objects
  • Missing Authorizations
  • User Buffers
  • Central User Administration
  • Management Information Reports
  • Security Parameters

If you need more information about benefits of learning sap basis administration, leave your comment here. I will get back to you with lot of information about SAP administration and other information like benefits, advantages and job opportunities…etc


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  1. kartik

    Hi Raj,
    I found that the basis admin course in version IT starts on 31st jan by Mr rasheed & i could attend the demo for 2 days…But the same course is starting at feb 10th in Willsys, so i called up willsys n requested them to allow me to attend one of their regular classes tomo as a demo so that i could choose between the two…The person in willsys agreed and asked me to come tomo….Thanks for your helpful article

    • khaja vali

      Version IT lost its focus , I learnt from Keylabs , they are good enough. facility to use the lab 24*7, facility to attend the training with 6 to 7 faculties with same fee , real time trainers and service oriented attitude are the things that are attracted me.
      keylabs is located in Hyd an bangalore. willsys is also good I heard.

      version IT is worst, students will wait n faculty will disappear in the middle of the class from 30 mins, 1 hour…,
      version IT content is good on paper, training is worst.

  2. kartik

    Hi Raj,

    You mentioned that u did the sap basis course from version IT. Could u pls tell us how was the trainer. How is the the teaching methods & training classes? I enquired in willsys today n was told tht the trainer Mr Ram was 14 experienced…What was the name of ur trainer and which institute would u suggest me……..thanks,


    • Raj

      Hi Kartik,

      I also heard about Mr Ram from Willsys. But, I am satisfied with Mr Rasheed who is also experienced faculty for SAP basis. I do not know fully about Willsys. Ask some more candidates in and around ameerpet area who did already SAP Basis from Willsys and take wise decision. Ultimately you should have enthusiasm to practice more to become good consultant. I have done all of the practicals on my own on my own servers after each class. I am also teaching SAP Basis online and offline now. If you are interested to learn from me, you can meet me at my office which is located at Malkajgiri. I will provide my address if you are interested to meet me. I will provide you online job opportunity on SAP basis. You can do that for getting experience while doing course.


    • Raj


      I did SAP Basis course from version IT. You need to do lot of practice during the course and after course. Then only you can become good basis consultant. Even I heard that willSYS also teaches very good. I am having my own office where i give online support along with my employees. You can learn by working with us. Please come to my office for further details about the projects on SAP


  3. Suja

    Hi Raj,

    I would like to know more about the online course u r going to give. Would u pls tell what r the topics u r going to cover (like a corse detail) ? it will be helpfull.


  4. mona

    Hi friends,
    some institutes are providing the online training of SAP-BASIS for remote students,how is it?if anyone have any idea please let me know.


    • Raj


      I am teaching SAP Basis Administration with networking fundamentals online. Please get back to me if you are interested. I will show all the practicals through remote deskop, windows invitation or team viewer connection. You can practice simultaneously after completion of my every explanation. You can record the screens during your pracitce for your future reference.


  5. mona

    Hi Friends,
    After completing the SAP-BASIS course from any one of these two institutes,Will they help us in job placement?

    • Raj


      No body will show job placement. Every body will mention as they will provide job placement in their palmplates or flyers. We should not ask about job placement if we are commited to learn any subject. I have learned and done all of my practicals in sap basis administration. I can teach this subject online just for 10000 INR. If you can practice all the topics which i teach, you will get good job in less time. Also mention your qualification and current experience in any other field. Information which you provide here will be helpful for me and my blog readers to sggest you on getting job in basis administration.

      I am 14 experienced engineer in network administration. I will teach sap basis administration along with networking fundamentals.



        hi raj this is shyam i want to learn sap basis
        i seen your blobs so please guide and give your phone number to contact you

        here iam sending my phone number 8686866999
        thank you

        • Raj

          Hi Shyam Prasad. I am teaching SAP Basis course online. This training is one-to-one interactive. You will get hands on experience instantly after my each practical class. Please get back to me if you are interested to join the course.


      • challa dinesh kumar

        Hi raj
        i completed my in EEE and undergone training on sap basis at bangalore .i am not satisfied with that training.i need your contact number me at 8341773688

        Ch.Dinesh Kumar

    • Raj


      I have joined in Version IT. I am satisfied with the faculty but not with Lab. My course is in the middle. Let me complete the course to give you clear idea about the institute. I am writing article on basis course topics which are learned by me. Follow them to gain the knowledge. You also can ask me any number of questions regarding basis course. I will help you.



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