List of Indian Institute of Technology colleges as per their web rank

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List of Indian Institute of Technology colleges and their website rank are given in this article to help my readers to check their favorite colleges from a single web resource. I am adding a feature called rank of each website and listing in an order from top to bottom. This ranking helps the students to research about popularity of their IIT college.

I am writing this article to encourage my son in this direction. He has asked me one question today that why IIT? What is the major advantage by studying in IIT. I have just answered his question simply by telling him that you will get a good job. But back of my mind, I do not have proper information what are all the benefits that any student gets by studying in IIT. To ansswer these questions, I must have some knowledge on this sector. So I have started my research and writing this article as my first one in my research on IIT colleges in India. As a life skills coach and digital makerting expert, I will also add my flavour to each article such way that it helps you more than what you expected. You will get the great benefit of learning most demanding courses (Life skills & Digital Marketing) before entering into IIT college.

List of Indian Institute of Technology (IITs) colleges as per their web rank.

This list may be helpful for you to check the popularity of all the IIT colleges as per their web rank. I have provided the links to their websites here under. It will be easy for you to check about the latest rank using any online web rank checker.

S.NoIIT collegeAlexa RankWebsite
2IIT Bombay10,965/
3IIT Kanpur16,604/
4IIT Madras23,229/
5IIT Delhi30,088/
1IIT Khargpur33,852/
6IIT Roorkee56,848/
7IIT Guwahati99,548/
8IIT Hyderabad123,532/16,
9IIT (BHU) Varanasi146,168/21,
10IIT Bhubaneswar159,832/14,
11IIT Gandhinagar161,327/19,
12IIT Patna194,112/31,
13IIT Ropar247,768/22,
14IIT Jodhpur295,725/32,
15IIT Indore354,115/47,
16IIT Mandi350,612/52,
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