How to use SAP GUI installation server

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The main purpose of having SAP GUI installation server is to make unattended SAP GUI installations on front end PCs of end users. This server will helps, SAP Basis administrators or consultants to perform sap gui software on end user computers without going near the front end PC. You can install SAP GUI software using log on script of user accounts in your domain environment. That is, Once the package is created in the SAP GUI installation server, You can use the command line which has to be run in the front end computer. You have to set the log on scripts for an user. So, When the user is logged on to his computer, SAP GUI for windows will be installed automatically without users knowledge.

Step-by-step procedure to create installation package and performing unattended installation in front end computer

  1. Open SAP Installation Server Administration (SetupNwSapSetupAdmin.exe) tool
  2. Click on ‘New Package’
  3. Click Next in the screen that appears
  4. Select the ‘SAP GUI and SAP Logon’ under SAP GUI Suite
  5. Enter the display name for the package and click Next
  6. Enter a command line name for the new package and click next
  7. Click Close in the final screen
  8. New package will be displayed in the left pane of SAP Installation Server Administration tool
  9. Click on properties in right window to find Silent Installation command file (Ex: \YourHostYourShareNamesetupnwsapsetup.exe silent package =”commnadlinename’)
  10. Add network path to the command line and implement logon script at domain user in domain controller. You can test this experiment by creating user’s Log on script by adding the command line and its parameter. (GPEDIT.MSC – User configuration – Scripts – Logon – Click Add – Provide script name and parameters). Log off and Log on for getting SAP GUI installed automatically
  11. When the user logs on to his computer, SAP GUI will be installed and automatically available for log on
  12. When you update the software in SAP GUI installation server, Latest SAP GUI is available for all the users who had been configured with SAP GUI installation server

I hope this step-by-step procedure given you the brief idea about performing unattended SAP GUI installation on Front end computer. Please get back to me if you have any questions. If you want to learn Full SAP Basis administration course, Please go through the SAP Basis training page for more details.

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