How to install SAP GUI installation server

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How to install SAP GUI installation server is demonstrated in this article. SAP GUI installation server is used to serve the front end computers for installing or patching SAP GUI for windows. With GUI installation server, maintenance of SAP GUI for windows will become easier than maintaining each SAP GUI installation on 1000s of front end computers. This article helps you on how to install SAP GUI server.

Step-by-step procedure to install SAP GUI server:

  1. Create a new folder on your server and share it
  2. Execute NwCreateInstServer.exe from your Presentation DVD (Ex: Path: C:UsersRajDownloadssapnNW73EhP1_rar_files50113858_6NW_7.0_Presentation_PRES1GUIWINDOWSWIN32Setup)
  3. If the installer prompts you to install .Net framework, Download and install it. Once the .Net framework is installed, restart the computer and start the NwCreateInstServer.exe
  4. Click Next in the Initial SAP Installation Server screen
  5. Browse to a shared folder which you have created in the first step and click on Verify button
  6. You should get ‘Verification success’ message in the same screen. Click Next
  7. You will see ‘SAP was successful in creating your installation server’ message. Click next
  8. SAP is updating your installation server screen will be displayed, it will take some time to finish. You will get success message
  9. Select the SAP Installation Server Administration Tool and click Close
  10. Now, All the files will copied from presentation DVD to Shared folder. So that DVD is no more needed

This article covered only the installation of SAP GUI server. I will write steps on how to use this SAP GUI installation server to patch / install SAP GUI for Windows on front end computer. You can leave your comment or question using the following form.

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