How to apply patch to SAP gui installation server

How to apply patch to SAP GUI installation server is demonstrated in this article. This experiment will be done using SAP Installation Server Administration tool (NwSapSetupAdmin.exe). After completion of installation of SAP GUI server, Just open NwSapSetupAdmin.exe and apply the patch. This type of patching is helpful for spreading the patches to already installed SAP GUI software on front end computers without visiting each front end computer by an administrator.

Step-by-step procedure for applying patch to SAP GUI installation server

  • Execute NwSapSetupAdmin.exe which is located in the shared folder under setup directory
  • Click on ‘Patch Server’ button
  • Click Next in the screen that appears
  • Click Browse in the screen that appears and select the patch file which need to be applied (You should be already downloaded the patch files of GUI software)
  • After selecting the patch file, click next and click run in the Unknown publisher dialog box if it appears
  • Patch will be validated before applying it in the SAP GUI installation server
  • Click Next to apply the patch
  • SAP will update the installation server with new patch
  • Click Close after patching successful message
  • SAP Installation server Administration will show the current patch level

I hope the steps are very simple to applying patches to SAP GUI installation server. In my next article, I will explain How to use SAP GUI installation server for installing SAP GUI on front end computer. If you find this article helpful, wanted to learn complete SAP Basis administration, please visit SAP Basis training page for more details about the complete course.

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