How lord venkateswara came to the planet earth

How lord venkateswara came to the planet earth is the question came into my mind. As soon as I got this question into my mind, I have decided to read the books on lord venkateswara life history. I was literally crying when I was reading the book which is written in my own language i.e Telugu. I thought of writing the story in the form of articles in my website here. As I am a life skills coach, It is my primary responsibility to share some good information with my readers, students and friends. I hope this story gives you pleasant thoughts during the rest of your life. Pleasantness is the ultimate goal of all the actions that are done by you everyday. If something is making you feel pleasant, you should not leave the opportunity of being in it. For example, if many people are celebrating some festival with lot of joy within all the people who are there in that particular festival, you also should be there in that occasion and you must celebrate to gain more joy and pleasant thoughts.

Lord Venkateswara came to earth because…

Lord venkateswara’s wife Laxmidevi came to the planet earth due to a small misunderstanding form the action that her husband Lord (Maha Vishnu) did with Brighu Maharshi. Brighu Maharshi came to Shri Maha Vishnuvu’s place and touched Vishnu’s chest with his feet because he was ignored by Sri Maha vishnu. Maha vishnu immediately without getting anger on him, touched Brighu Maharshi’s feet smoothly to check any hurt happened due to the ornaments on his chest. Brighu maharshi thought that Shri Mahavishnu is doing some service to him and stand without moving. Sri Maha Vishnu broken the eye that was under the his feet. Brighu Maharshi realised that he has done mistake of testing god and left the pride of his powers and went back to planet earth. Laxmi devi does not like the actions that was done by Shri Mahavishnu and went to the planet earth and started doing her Tapassu. As soon as Shri Laxmi Devi went to the planet Earth, The vikuntamu lost its beauty. So Shri Mahavishnu came to the planet earth to do the job of searching Shri Laxmidevi. Now, Shri Mahavishnu and Lord Venkateswara swamy are there in Tirupathi, Andhraprash, India in the form big idols.

Keep reading other articles, I will provide complete story in the form of different articles. I may write some articles on software, digital marketing and life skills in between.

I have tried my best to explain the story in English language. If you find some mistakes, please let me know. I will make the necessary changes to the article and post again.

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