Errors during distribution of tp configuration

Did you get this error? ‘Errors during distribution of tp configuration’ while configuring transport management system (TMS) in your first installed SAP system? I got this error today and solved it successfully. So that, I am writing this post share my experience with my readers.

You can check the following whenever you get Errors during distribution of tp configuration message

  1. Check the host name of your server and compare it with STMS systems overview screen. Double click on SID and then system/Communication — > RFC Address–>   Target host
  2. Check the IP address and perform ping test
  3. Check hosts file configure mapping from host name to ip address and ip address to host name
  4. Check the time zone of your server and your sap system. You can check timezone using stzac
  5. Stop SAP system once and restart Windows/Linux Server
  6. Wait for sometime until all the services are startup and running
  7. Check Oracle TNS listner if the sap system is installed on top of oracle database
  8. Clean the bin directory within trans directory, c:\usr\sap\trans\bin
  9. Delete any configuration file find in bin directory. If you find some config or profile file, it was of previous tms configuration
  10. now configure TMS, It got solved in my case. If you still getting problem, leave your comment. I would like to see your error
  11. If it is solved with my steps, please leave a positive comment
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  1. mukesh kumar

    raj sir… iam mukesh
    there is no future for sap pi antunaru is it true?? SAP hana danni replace chesindi antunnaru… nenu SAP PI nerchukundam anukuntunte ila antunnaru… idi nijamena sap pi coaching tisukovadantara…. please reply me sir??? memmalani yela contact cheyalo ardam kavatam ledu


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