Does automation affect SAP Basis/Netweaver/HANA jobs?

So many people are discussing about this question at many places. By listening this, many students are dropping the idea of learning SAP Basis/Netweaver/HANA administration. I laugh at them because of their stupid decision. Its because they are loosing the possibility of working with so many technologies. Yes, because of automation work of SAP Basis administrators would become much much easier than earlier. That doesn’t mean that they don’t have any work at all. Frankly speaking they would have more work than earlier when they learn and work with underlying or related technical modules.

For example, If your organisation is going to shift their entire sap landscape to virtual networks or to cloud. Really SAP Basis administrators or consultants would get the opportunity of working in cloud or handling virtual machines. Installation of SAP systems would be completely eliminated. But, Who will launch or copy the SAP instances to be able to provide access to SAP end users. SAP Basis people would come into the picture. Once it is deployed, who will give support to end users for various problems that they face. SAP Basis administrators should be there to help each and every user who works with SAP systems. Some of the daily regular tasks could be automated. Who will schedule the automatic jobs? Again SAP Basis persons would take care of scheduling and monitoring those jobs.

I feel personally, when I compare my old days around 2004, for installing SAP 4.6B, I used to spend 3-4 days. It is only one system was available then. No other systems except some BW systems were there. After few years, installation of ECC 6.0 became easier with the help of installation master, but there are lot more systems needs be installed and configured using RFC destinations. This was an extra work for existing Basis administrators or consultants. Now, HANA and S/4 HANA are getting popular more and more. There is lot of scope for working with newly available systems. Every time there is a change in the infrastructure, SAP Basis people would have lot of work. Old routine and bored jobs could be completely eliminated but new exciting jobs would be there always. This kind of fun for SAP Basis consultants. Really they enjoy the work…

I really enjoy the way SAP is developing their applications and helping different businesses with various innovative applications. They are providing new interfaces to attract end users and make their work simple, easier and portable. SAP Basis people would always get the opportunity to teach end users with new user interfaces to make their work simple.

There are lot more things to integrate or work with various technologies such as SAP offerings like SAP Cloud Platform, SAP HANA¬† Enterprise Cloud, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google cloud, VMware administration, Windows & Linux/Unix administration, Oracle, MS SQL, MaxDB, ASE, HANA database administration,¬† High end servers with multi core processors, huge RAM, Heavy storage and many more. In which field, we will have these many things to work with. I feel entire organisation would depend on IT administrators like SAP BAsis/HANA/Netweaver administrators, OS administrators, Database administrators, Security Administrators…etc

So don’t worry to take the decision to learn such a wonderful course (SAP Basis/Netweaver/HANA Administraion). If you would like to learn either online/offline or with the help of my videos, get back to me. I will teach this wonderful course within few days. You can understand whole concept of software, hardware and network integration with my course. Let us meet online or offline, send me an email at

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  1. Mythili

    Sir I completed my MCA in 2012,now I’m searching for job.But I didn’t remember any programming language,can you please suggest me which is better course to get job in IT field with out more programming and coding please. Can I learn sap hana and python, is my knowledge is enough that means I don’t remember C C++ JAVA anything


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