21 principle that you can follow to become successful

I am going through the internet and found following 21 principles are very interesting. I have been following some of them but surely not all. I thought of sharing those principles with my blog readers. Enjoy good life by following 21 principles….

1. Reading is the best habit one can have.
2. Nobody gets rich doing 9–5 job.
3. The consistency is the key to overcome any hurdle in life.
4. Memes, somehow — maybe on a small scale, brainwashes young minds.
5. Never hurt/insult someone, not even for fun — be it in a group of friends or strangers, it leaves negativity against you in the victim’s mind.
6. Everybody has something to share, all they need is a friendly ear.
7. Most of the time people don’t really mean what they say.
8. Everybody is trying really hard to be cool. Apparently, those not trying already have the title.
9. Parents raised you right, it was your failure that you couldn’t be what you desired.
10. Comparison brings sadness.
11. People tend to follow passionate people only.
12. Facebook can be productive too, but we keep scrolling down in search of funny or cute.
13. Problems make you stronger, eventually.
14. You will never be satisfied. It’s “inhuman”.
15. Parents are the largest treasure you have.
16. Wasting today is the worst thing you can do to yourself.
17. Always have a vision about your future-self, work hard for him.
18. Hard way is the right way, don’t seek the lottery.
19. People hate, you being liked.
20. On an average, only 4–5% of readers up vote an answer they like.
21. Don’t bite your nails, it’s bad habit.

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