18 Interview questions for SAP Basis role

Performance tuning in an SAP system is most important job task for any SAP Basis consultant. You should be able to answer and do following tasks.

1. What is MTE?

A node in the monitoring tree is called a monitor tree element (MTE) – RZ20

2. What is SAP start service?

Ans: sapstartsrv (sapstartsrv.exe on Windows or sapstartsrv on UNIX Platforms)

3. What is the recommended system for central monitoring?

Ans: SAP Solution Manager

4. What is monitoring segment?

Ans: The monitoring segment is the area of main memory that contains the monitoring data from the data collectors

 5. How many days’ ABAP dumps are stored in the system

Ans: 28 days

6. What is the parameter to configure System Log File Location in File system

Ans: rslg/local/file

7. What is the file name of System log

Ans: slog<Instance_Number> ex: slog00

8. What is the use of keep/release menu option in ST22

Ans: If you want to keep any specific DUMP without being deleted, you can use this function

9. What is the alternative name for Performance Analysis

Ans: The Performance Analysis function is often also called performance trace ST05

10. Location of Dev trace files?

Ans: /usr/sap/SID/Inst.Dir/work

11. What is st11?

A: It shows all the dev trace files

12. What is AL11?

Ans: It shows all the SAP directories

13. What is monitoring attribute

Ans: The measured values that are collected by the data collectors are displayed at the lowest level

in the leaves of the tree. The leaves are called monitoring attributes

14. t-code for Tune summary

Ans: st02

15. System trace t-code

Ans: st01

16. t-code to set time zone?


17. What is SOLMAN_SETUP

Ans: It is a t-code in Solution Manager used for solman configuration

18. What is the purpose of ST22?

Ans: This t-code is used to display ABAP dumps in an SAP system

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