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1&1 web Hosting is one the best hosting provider to launch your website. With the help of 1&1 web Hosting account, you can add unlimited domain names. You can create unlimited sub domains. You can also host a single page website just for 1USD per month ” rel=”noopener” target=”_blank”>click here for more details

High performance 1 &1 web hosting for successful projects

1&1 web hosting account

There are plenty of hosting options available with the help of this hosting account. You can use all the options without any problems. You just need little IT knowledge for managing this web hosting account. 1&1 Hosting has hybrid technology with smart SSD. SSD is nothing but Solid State Device which is actually a hard disk without mechanical rotation. So, it is faster than traditional hard disks normally available in our home PCs.

With the help of 1&1 Hosting‘s 24×7 service, your site won’t get down any time. It would work throughout the day, week and year.

You will get unlimited websites, web space, databases and email account with some plans. You can choose unlimited if you would like to host multiple sites. It would be beneficial for the web designers who work with many website. You can simple transfer files from one folder to another easily.

You will get upto 768MB for PHP memory using 1&1 web hosting account. That means, your PHP script can work up to memory limit of 768MB. It is very good for PHP programmers or users. This website hosting account comes with scalable performance. That means, you can improve the performance of your website on fly.

Full web page loading would be finished within 2.71 seconds. When you compare 1&1 web hosting account with other web hosting accounts, it is much faster.

Independent tests confirm: Now even faster loading times available at 1&1

If you have any doubts in managing or maintaining your web hosting account, leave your comment here. I will get back to you with a best solution

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