Why should we select LIC as best insurance company in INDIA

I am Birla Sunlife insurance adviser in the year 2003. I did almost 26 policies in single month. I got super star award in Hyderabad branch. I made 25000/- as commission in single month i.e march 2003. In April 2003 i did only 5 policies and nil after that. I lost agency after a year because of not getting any policies. I have not received any renewal commissions for the policies i did in march and April 2003. I asked the agency manager about renewal commission. He told that to receive renewal commission I need to give minimum business to the company for at least 3 years.

But i did lot of ground work to get the policies by using birla sun life fully air conditioned office and made number of phone calls and took lot of illustration prints from laser printer when i was doing birla sunlife insurance business. One day I observed in my online account that there is a every month cut in my own policy which i taken from birla sun life in account statement by selling units of my fund. Then i realized that private insurance company enjoying good office environment and equipment by taking customer’s large part of the premium. Then i thought that to take lic agency to help people and to support government company.

Then i approached LIC development officer to get agency in lic. He told that i can not take agency because i am already a insurance adviser of birla sunlife. He also informed me that my wife can write a exam of lic agency. So My wife attended and passed exam and now she is LIC Agent.

We should have proper knowledge in insurance subject before selling a product to any body without false commitment. No body give’s money without profit. So that i read all the rules and regulations of lic policies and suggesting my friends to take appropriate policies. Here LIC will not waste money for equipment and environment. So that i trust this company makes more profit than private insurance companies. So that customer of LIC get more profit than other insurance companies. I also observed that we can sell LIC policies than others.

One thing i can say that we should first plan for our family’s security in our absence before doing any experiment. We should have insurance of 1000 sum assured, if our income is 100 per year. Because our family will get same 100 even in our absence by fixed depositing of 1000 in bank.

Insurance is compulsory for every body. If you need in taking a policy please send me a mail with details of your date of birth and yearly income. i will suggest good policy according to your age and financial position.

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  1. Amit

    I am 31 year old & married, my annual income is more than 5L.
    But I want to take 2 policies each of them having premium of around 6K-7K/year.
    Which LIC policy should I go for?


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