Why Pawan kalyan is a role model to many people?

Pawan kalyan is a role model to many people in two Telugu states within India. I have been listening the statement “Mr. Pawan Kalyan is my role model” from many people around me. But I never seen them in the process of adapting qualities of Mr. Pawan Kalyan. If I ask them why Pawan Kalyan is your role model, they are used to give me the following varieties of answers.

Pawan Kalyan is a role model because

  1. Style: His style is natural. His style is something different from others. His presentation skills are very attractive in his actions.
  2. Dance: He looks like a dancer while he is walking. He is natural and romantic dancer.
  3. Martial arts (Fights): Fights are very powerful and technique oriented. People watches him without eye blinking while he fights just like a emotional scenes.
  4. Glamour: Of course glamour is the number one point in him. His mustache is so natural and all most all the Telugu people likes it. Girls are crazy about him.
  5. Action: No need to talk much about his action, He will involve in to the drama so naturally such way that people will be involved into the movie while watching him on the big screen.
  6. Daring to talk something in the real world: He talks without having any hesitation to express his opinion about current politics and he is almost game changer through his talks.
  7. Hobbies: He likes to do farming. This hobby is so wonderful for the environment and this hobby inspires the younger and modern generation. Because modern generation doesn’t like to do farming. Because of their hero hobby of farming, they may show the interest to encourage the farming in their villages. I hope every one knows that, without farmer/farming there is no food. There is no life without food. This is the great qualify of Mr. Pawan Kalyan which is more interesting to me also.
  8. Dialog delivery: Dialog delivery without gap sometimes attracts many people. His dialog delivery is more powerful and fantastic. His short dialog conveys lot of message within crowd who listen to him.
  9. Romantic laugh: Every one likes his smile in romantic or in action scenes. His smile is most admirable.
  10.  Making many people to think about him: He is the role model for many people. People will think to become like a pawan kalyan. Many people wants to work with him to make either profits or to become popular.

As a life skills coach, I want to suggest the people who is treating pawan kalyan as a role model, to follow and implement strategies to become like a pawan kalyan. I know that, no two persons are the same and also it is not possible, but you can adapt the skills of pawan kalyan in your day to day actions. So that, you will become different type of pawan kalyan in your life.

All the best for Mr. Pawan Kayan and his fans…

Life skills are needed to adapt some qualities like celebrities. I am teaching the life skills to enhance the performance of each individuals like you. Ask me for more information about life skills.

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