Why are you alive today?

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Why are you alive today? What is your answer for this question? Have you asked this question yourself ever? If yes, do you know the answer exactly? If no, have you tried to know? If you have tried to know, what is the outcome of your trial? Did you analyse your trial? What are your analysis? If your analysis are not up to the mark of your expectations, have you tried again in better way? If yes, how many times you tried to know the exact answer about the purpose of being alive today? Are you still trying?

If you don’t try to know the purpose of your life, why are you living today? What is the use of your life? Have you tried to think in these ways?

Here is my own way of perception and suggestion to my readers. If you want to become more powerful and vibrant within, you must ask above empowering questions yourself again and again until you find the purpose of your life. Remember, most wonderful things will happen automatically or suddenly for any body. It is common for all the living beings in this planet earth. For example: Sun rising, Heart functioning, Breathing, Earth revolving…etc. You may not notice when it will happen, but you must try without stopping to find the purpose of your life. It will happen one day to you.

When you start thinking in these ways, you may also be thinking about the advantages of thinking in these ways. Here your mind plays more than your energy. When you give more importance to your mind than your energy, by natural, all mundane things will happen for you. When you want great things to happen in your life, you must give importance and work at your energy levels. You may ask me what is the energy level. Energy level is nothing but your higher-self. The one which is making you to talk, taste, smell, see, walk, feel, sleep…etc When you can connect with your higher self, rest of the things will happen for you automatically for your well being for ever.

I wish all the very best for all of my readers to be able to connect with one’s higher self….Leave your comments here…Raj Punarvasi

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