Which application is better to make html pages and structure of html document

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Notepad which will come along with operating systems is just enough to write html document. So simple software we use to create powerful web pages using html. I will show you how to crate simple html document in step-by-step procedure below.

Fin steps to create a simple html document below.

  1. click start – all programs – accessories – notepad
  2. type <html></html> starting and ending tags of a html document
  3. Type <head></head> in between above tags. This is called heading section of a html document
  4. Type <title></title> in between above tags. This is called title section of a html document
  5. Type <body></body> in between <html> and </html> tags but after ending tag of heading section i.e. after </head> tag

Overall document looks like below.


<head><title>title of a html document</title></head>

<body>….. actual content of a html document….</body>


Now we will write one same html document using above code as follows….


<head><title>Punarvasi Knowledge Centre</title></head>

<body>Welcome to punarvasi knowledge centre – you will get answers to your questions here</body>


Save document as extension of .html or .htm after completion of writing code. I have given steps below for your reference

Click File – Save As… – Set the location to save file – change name of the file as test.html – click save

Check the location where you saved the file

Open the file by double clicking created html file.

You will find a file with the name of test.html in the location where you selected while saving file. When you open this file by double clicking you will get the content which is placed in between <body></body> tags in the browser. You can also notice the top most bar of your browser to check the mater you typed in between <title> </title> tags is visible. That’s all. This is the way to create simple html pages.

You can ask any more doubts on this topic in the comments section of this post. I will try to explain even in better way.

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