What users, groups, services and ports will be created during the installation of SAP central services instance

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During the installation of central services instance on windows server 2003 SP2 with MS sql server 2005, I have observed following points which may be useful to you while doing sap installation at any client place.

Following OS level Users will be created

  • sidadm
  • SAPserviceSID

Following OS level Groups will be created

  • SAP_LocalAdmin – SAP Local Administration Group
  • SAP_SID_GlobalAdmin – SAP Global Administration Group
  • SAP_SID_LocalAdmin – SAP Local Administration Group

sapinst_instdir directory will be created automatically after double clicking on sapinst, which can be accessed from the follwing path


D:usr directory will

The software required to install Central Services Instance is…

  • SAP Installation Master CD
  • SAP Kernel CD

SAP Services Services can be created and deleted using following commands. Service name can be obtained from services.msc. Replace the <service name> with actual service name

sc create <service name>
sc delete <service name>

Ports will be created after installation of SCS (Central Services Instance)

  • SAP System Dispatcher Ports created from  sapdp00 3200/tcp to sapdp00 3299/tcp
  • SAP System Gateway Ports created from sapgw00 3300/tcp to sapgw99 3399/tcp
  • SAP System Dispatcher Security Ports created from sapdp00s 4700/tcp to sapdp99s 4799/tcp
  • SAP System Gateway Security Ports created from sapgw00s 4800/tcp to sapgw99s 4899/tcp

I think any normal sap installer can understand what i am trying to give information through this article. If you don’t understand any word here, please feel free to ask me any question regarding any term in this article. I will explain them at free of cost.

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