What is the the purpose of your spiritual life?

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I have been always thinking about my life and asking my self a question ‘What is the the purpose of my spiritual life?’ I never got a proper answer for my question. But, I am feeling gratitude that, at least, I am able to ask this question myself and progressing towards the success in my life in many ways. I mean, my capabilities are enhancing exponentially form the moment when I started asking this question myself. So, Why don’t you try to ask the same question in your spiritual life today?  When you try to know more about yourself, you will observe lot of changes and wonders in your life. You will work with more awareness when you start asking empowering questions like above. After asking this question, I have learned and implemented many skills to get success in my life. You can check my progress of success within internet. You can type my name Raj Punarvasi in your favorite search engine and look at the number results that you find about me. This indicates my progress towards success in my online business of delivering training programs on software and well being.

You will also find the core strength in you when you ask empowering questions by yourself. If you are not able to ask the empowering questions, get in touch with me in the form of comments under this article. When you start communicating with other people, your capabilities of asking empowering questions will be improved within short span of your life time.

Please note that, your life on this planet earth is a precious gift given by your god. You should not waste away such a wonderful gift. You must focus within and dig deeper until you get an answer to your question. In the journey of digging deeper, you will see wonderful enhancements in your career and personal life. You will become more calm which will enable you to become more focused in the work that you have to perform. Asking this question became asset to me and so I have written more than 700 articles and recorded more than 200 videos on software & life skills. This activity helped people in more than 50 countries and fetched lot of contacts through out the world without single penny for advertisement. This is the power of asking empowering questions like above. You must start immediately asking empowering questions to become success in your life.

You can try to lead a spiritual life to get clarity on your daily personal or business activities. Spiritual life will enhance your abilities to perform any action more easier than ever. Spiritual life is life of perpetual struggle. You have to fight with the mind and the senses through out the day and night. Spiritual life is a life in the divine. Spiritual life is a life of prayer and meditation.  The spiritual path is toilsome and laborious and demands perseverance and great patience. Struggle lot in the spiritual path and attain supreme bliss.

You have to lead a pure, simple and virtuous life to attain purity of mind by regular practice of life skills techniques. You have to cultivate noble virtues to start asking powerful questions form your inside.

By following and practicing as I said in the earlier paragraphs, you can identify your inner abilities to perform your job or business with more joy. Once you fall into the loop of finding the purpose of your life, success will become a byproduct as an outcome of your actions during the course of time.

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