What is the SAP license and how to install a valid license?

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SAP will give temporary license of 4 weeks for any product. That means system will work up to 4 weeks. We have to install full license after this period. Only the customers who purchases SAP software can get full license. There are many licensing options which are providing by SAP. I will explain all of them in my next articles.

slicense is a t-code to do SAP License Administration. After hitting this t-code, we will get SAP License Administration screen. We can see the current settings, Installed Licenses in this screen. We can also use Request License Key using bottom section of this screen to get license key from SAP. We should have the following details to install a valid SAP license. They are

  • SAP System ID: (SID)
  • Installation Number
  • Hardware Key
  • System Number
  • Expires on date
  • Key

We have to provide the information such as, System ID, Hardware key, Current release and the email address to SAP through service market place. After sending request we will get the license key from SAP in 1 hour to maximum in 3 days. We can request the license key when we have access to SAP service market place. SAP service market place can be accessible only by a company administrators who purchases SAP software.

SAP License Administration can also be done from command prompt. After expiring license, we can login to the SAP system only using sap* user.The command to administer SAP license is ‘SAPLICENSE’

The ending date of the SAP License expiration is 31.12.9999 This date will be displayed after installing valid license.

How to install SAP license from SAP System

  • T-Code: slicense
  • Click Install and fill all the details in “Install New License” screen and click enter
  • After successful installation of license, we should find the list in the Installed Licenses

Same Installation also can be done from command prompt by typing command “saplicense -install”  We have to provide all the details one by one as it was entered in SAP system from SAP License Administration screen. Following are the different command to do SAP License Administration

Command to check the license from command prompt

saplicense -test pf=D:usrsap<SID>SYSprofileSTART_DVEBMGS<00>_hostname

command to show the license table

saplicense -show pf=D:usrsap<SID>SYSprofileSTART_DVEBMGS<00>_hostname

command to get the installation number

saplicense -number name=<SID>

command to get the hardware key

saplicense -get

Command to delete the sap license

saplicense -delete – We have to provide all of our system detials after executing this command

Note:  We have to replace SID, hostname, Instance number and the drive letter in above commands according to our SAP installation. We can get more information about saplicense command by executing saplicense without any options or saplicense -help

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    i want to know that how to install new license. and can u tell me once old license expired. then only we can install new license key r not. please help out…


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