What is the meaning of transaction and the list of different transaction codes involved in the SAP R/3 System?

SAP R/3 system is based on a relational database system where we can do many operations like select, modify, delete, create, filtering of database records with the help of a transaction code in the SAP r/3 system.  A transaction is an operation that lets a user to make any changes in the database. We have to see the SAP R/3 system as business transaction processing system. That means the data flow within the sap r/3  system is executed with the help of  different transactions.

A transaction is a sequence of related steps in the SAP R/3 system. These steps are logically related each other. These steps are also knows as dialog steps. These dialog steps are the different screens which are involved in the SAP R/3 system. The data is introduced in these screens to generate other events. The SAP dispatcher is the special transaction monitor which takes care of the handling of these dialog steps.

The actual task of the transaction is to modify the information in the database. The database is updated only when the transaction is finished, otherwise the database not updated. To update the database any time, the transaction must be finished.

There are two types of phases involved in any transaction. They are Interactive phase and update phase. The interactive phase is responsible for preparing the database records that can update the database. This phase consists of at least one step. The update phase process the previously prepared records to update the database. This phase many have no steps or can be many steps.

There is a lock mechanism involved in the sap R/3 system which will help us in restricting a user to modify the database record which is already modifying by other user.

Some important points:

  • All the transactions in the SAP R/3 system have an associated T-CODE
  • We can move fast within the SAP R/3 system by entering transaction codes in the command field.
  • All the transaction codes held the table called TSTC

Navigation to know all the transactions in a SAP R/3 System

  • SAP Menu – Tools – ABAP Workbench – Development – Other Tools – Transactions


  • Type the transaction code SE93 in the command field
  • Click the down arrow filed right of the field which is also called possible list arrow

There are 70,132 transaction codes involved in the SAP 4.7 ides software. Search_SAP_Menu is the transaction code to know the menu path of any given t-code. We have to enter SD* to know all the SD related transaction codes.

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