What is the meaning of a blog

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Blog is just like maintaining personal diary, photo album of our memorable incidents and occassions of our family members, Audio library in our house, video cd or dvd of all of our functions of our family members…etc

Why we maintain all of these? to show to our friends or to review by ourselves. am i correct. But these are all offline content. I will explain clearly by taking a example of our photo album. We can show this photo album to our friends and relative or review by us when ever we are in home. For suppose we went to our relatives home, there we can not show them our photo album in their home. If we have uploaded all of our photos to website, then we can show them online if they have computer in their home. they also can share their photos with us by uploading all of their photos to our website. In this way if all of our family members uploading photos to our website regularly, then this website will become photo album blog. In this we can share text messages, videos, music…etc

Blog is just like sharing infromation, photos, videos, music, knowledge, feelings…etc. we need to post regularly to maintain our online identity. We can make more friends online by blogging. we can do business online by posting articles every day.

Every day we speak with many people on our daily routine life. think once how words we talk every day. Think how much of conent we can provide if we write all of those words into a blog in the form of information.

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