What is the easiest way to backup the database in an sap system?

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I have been thinking of making life more simple and easy for people like you. In this direction I have found out a simple way to backup the database in SAP basis system while I was teaching my students in one of my High Impact SAP BASIS training classes. You all might already know that performing database backup is an important topic in an SAP basis training course. Its extremely important for any SAP Basis administrator to know how to backup database in an SAP system. I am happy that I have become an expert in that direction and also am enabling my students who join my SAP basis training. If you are somebody who has already taken the backup, you can restore and recover the database when there is a loss of data in any business which is running its day to day operations with the help of SAP systems.

I start my sap basis training by informing this essential information that Database is a collection of files that are dependent on each other. Simply restoring a file of the database is not sufficient when there is a missing file at the file system level. You should ensure that you take the backup of database using proper tools provided by either database software or SAP software. In my Sap basis training I tell my students that SAP has made administrators life very easy by providing special tools to backup, restore and recover the database of an SAP system. SAP tools can be executed from command prompt or within the sap system.

In an SAP system, Business application data is stored in a relational database management system which is very dynamic and requires a comprehensive security strategy to avoid data loss at any given point of time. To avoid system downtime which may cause due to logical errors, physical errors or external factors, you should plan a suitable backup strategy.

You must know how to perform different types of database backups to face any kind of SAP basis interviews without having any hesitation. This is one of my fundamental tasks to ensure that students who get trained from me in sap basis training are in a position to attend interviews and answer the questions efficiently. Before joining any SAP basis training institute, ask whether they teach how to perform different types of database backups in their sap basis training course or not? This knowledge is most important as part of learning SAP basis administration.

Database administration is one of the topic within the SAP basis training course. You can learn any one database administration to maintain sap system properly which is installed on that particular database software. You can also learn other database administration very easily when you understand the concept of one database administration.

Oracle database software is one of the RDBMS software which is supported by SAP systems. Other supported databases are Microsoft SQL server, IBM DB2, SAP MAXDB, Sybase…etc. There are separate courses available for each type of database software as part of SAP basis training. You can choose any one type of RDBMS software to learn SAP basis administration.

I have explained how to backup the oracle database of any SAP system in the SAP Basis training videos pack. You can watch the video on performing oracle database backup at free cost as a demo

I have explained it in such a way that it is very easy to understandable by anyone who wants to learn SAP basis administration by having little knowledge in maintaining any operating system. I have recorded day to day activities of an SAP basis administrator and made a pack of sap basis training videos. You will find that by just watching my sap basis videos you shall become very efficient in sap basis. I am providing these sap basis videos for online access at my channel for a onetime fee. You can watch many videos at free of cost at my channel and subscribe to watch future sap basis training demo videos which will be posted and enable for public watch randomly.

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