What is the difference between OPS$ and SSFS in an SAP System

There are many people are searching to know what is the difference between OPS$ and SSFS. So that, I decided to write an article on this topic to make you understand clearly the difference between OPS$ and SSFS.

When you install an SAP system, Users of operating system would be created prefix with OP$ in database. For example, in SAP system, there are 2 users DEVADM and SAPServiceDEV. So now, In database, OPS$DEV and OPS$SAPServiceDEV users will be created.

  • Each SAP R3 Work Process Connects to the database directly and establishes a dedicated connection.
  • Each Process Connects as OPS$User and Connects to table SAPUSER.
    SAPUSER table is owned by OPS$USER. This table Contains SAP Schema Owner(database Owner) and Password.
  • Each Process gets the password,disconnects from database and Reconnect as SCHEMA OWNER(SAPSR3).


Note: These Two parameters obsolete from Oracle 11 and outdated and removed from oracle 12C.

select owner,count(*) from dba_tables group by owner;
select table_name,owner from dba_tables where owner=’OPS$DEVADM’;
select * from “OPS$DEVADM”.SAPUSER;

Secure Storage File System(SSFS):

Each time workprocess connects to the database, usually, It reads the password from the database and then connects to the database. But in new systems form SAP Netweaver 7.2 onwards this, password is stored in the securely inside global folder within c:\usr\sap\SID\SYS

That means, now, the work process read the password from Global system and then use that user information to connect to the underlying database.

Instead of going to Database using OPS$ Mechanism to get the password, the password is now stored more securely in the global shared File System


Example: c:\usr\sap\PRD\SYS\global\security\rsecssfs\data


Example: c:\usr\sap\PRD\SYS\global\security\rsecssfs\key

Real SAP system with the Data and Key folder – SSFS Folders. You can check in your SAP system.

SSFS folder

The User ID and password are stored in DATA and KEY Directories.
The Work Process directly gets this password and Connects to database and obsoleting the OPS$ Mechanism.

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