What is the definition of ERP

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ERP software is a concept to provide computerized solutions for integrating and automating business processes across company’s back offices.

ERP abbreviation is E-Enterprise R-Resource P-Planner.

Back Offices: Different departments like finance, logistics, marketing, human resources in a company are called Back offices

Advantage of using ERP in a company: Companies could see a cost reduction. Better efficiency in the way they operated with their business partners. Users in a company can access and process the information efficiently.

Business Partners: Business partners of a company include it’s customers, providers, banks and authorities

Some of companies developed ERP software are as follows….

S.No Vendor Percentage of Market share
1 SAP 30.33
2 Oracle Applications 21.38
3 The Sage Group 17.44
4 Microsoft Dynamics 14.25
5 SSA Global Technologies 7.22
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