What is successor and predecessor

Successor is the number that comes just after a particular number is called its successor.

Ex: Successor of 823 is 824 , Successor of 3424 is 3425

Predecessor is the number that comes just before a particular number is called its predecessor.

Ex: 999 is the predecessor of 1000, 2367 is the predecessor of 2368

Some more Example on Successor are

  • Successor of 589 is 590
  • 3724 is 3725
  • 5099 is 5100
  • 7009 is 7010
  • 4836 is 4837
  • 6149 is 6150

Some more examples on predecessor are

  • 495 is predecessor of 496
  • 999 is predecessor of 1000
  • 7054 is predecessor of 7055
  • 6825 is predecessor of 6826
  • 3209 is predecessor of 3210
  • 9998 is predecessor of 9999

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  1. once upon a time i studied this but now for helping my brothers in studies i forgot every thing this was one of useful webiste
    thanks a lot

  2. u just understand me successor & pedessor in 1 line,rest of all sites i visited was so complicated,,,,,,,,my cause of searching was threaded binary tree,,,,,,,so i was finding this 2,,,,,,,,,,,lots of thankz

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