What is sap business suite and what applications are included in it?

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SAP manage the lean enterprise, leverage the customer communities, and will optimize the business models for growth of the business. The integrated business applications that delivered by sap business suite enables enterprises to execute and optimize the business and it strategies. SAP business suite software enables a business to perform the essential, industry specific, & business support processes with the modular solutions those are all designed to work with the other sap and non sap software. Organizations and the departments in all the industries can deploy sap’s business applications in a step wise manner to address specific business challenges on their own timelines and without any costly upgrades. SAP’s business applications provides the better insight and the visibility across the organizations, improves operational efficiency and the effectiveness, and increase the flexibility to address business change.

We can incrementally adapt and tailor sap’s business suite applications through enhancement packages that alleviate need for the costly & time consuming upgrades. SAP’s business suite applications increase the visibility across the departments and the business silos – improving our ability to make the clear business decisions and eliminating process the bottlenecks.

Services enabled business applications built on an open, (SOA) service oriented architecture and powered by sap netweaver technology platform, sap’s business suite offer companies the opportunity to develop practices for the greater differentiation and to integrate the business processes that enable our company to compete more effectively in our industry.

SAP enterprise support services helps to reduce the total cost of ownership of sap’s business suite with integrated life cycle management capabilities. The holistic support accelerates innovation and decreases the implementation cycles by providing the experts, tools, and best practices that simplify testing, reduce the customization effort, and the control operational risk and the cost. SAP business suite provides the best industry practices with industry specific applications and core applications of sap’s business suite are SAP (CRM) Customer Relationship Management, SAP (ERP) Enterprise Resource Planning, SAP (PLC) Product Lifecycle Management, SAP (SCM) Supply Chain Management, SAP (SRM) Supply Relationship Management.

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