What is SAP Basis?

R/3 is Real-time data processing 3-tier architecture software. This software is also called as sap basis software. SAP basis software consists set of programs and tools to connect with the operating system, database and GUI.¬† 3-tier architecture software is the software which has 3 layers of software in it’s functioning. 3 layers of software are…

  • Graphical user interface (Presentation Layer)
  • Application software (R/3) (Application Layer)
  • Database software (Database Layer)

R/3 basis software is a middle-ware software (Application software) which consists of all the modules like SD, PP, MM, FICO, HR…etc which equally works on all types of platforms. Some of the important points about the SAP R/3 basis software are

  • R/3 applications are FI, CO, SD, MM, PP, WM, PM…etc
  • R/3 basis is an independent software that integrates all the application modules
  • R/3 basis software is also referred as R/3 common kernel or R/3 middle-ware
  • Kernel refers to the core of a system
  • Middle-ware means a set of programs which allows an independent interface between an Upper layer and lower layer
  • Application functionality is same on all the platforms except on AS/400 Operating system
  • AS/400 platform runs on EBCDIC character code instead of ASCII code
  • Some adjustments to done in the ABAP code in the case of AS/400 platform
  • R/3 basis or R/3 basis system interfaces with other system elements like operating system, network and user interface

R/3 basis tools and components also provides the following….

  • The environment which is built on the ABAP development workbench and the ABAP repository to run and modify different R/3 applications.
  • ABAP data dictionary¬† – Centralized logical repository with all the system and business data is also included in this environment.
  • We can modify and enhance the entire system using the work bench organizer and the transport system in this environment
  • We can also integrate new developments across the systems using the work bench organizer and the transport system in this environment
  • We have the different tools to administer entire system
  • We can do the spool administration using R/3 basis software
  • We can monitor, tune and control R/3 system using comprehensive set of management transactions within the ‘Computer Center Management System’ – CCMS
  • We can do the user management and internal access control to business and system objects using authorization and profile management tools
  • We can also administer and monitor the underlying database within the R/3 basis system using specified tools
  • System growth and distribution of available resources is possible with R/3 basis system’s client/server architecture
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