What is Salesforce cloud

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Salesforce is world’s #1 CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform. Salesforce is also the innovative company. Saleforce is a software which is cloud based. So it does not require the IT experts to set-up or administer. You just create an account and select package as per your companies requirement and use it. You can choose 3 different types of package for sales and 2 different packages for service organisations.

Salesforce for service

In any organisation, customers are backbone to sustain in the market forever. If the customers of an organisation are happy, profits and growth of that organisation would be good. If you want to grow exponentially, take care of your customer need each and every moment. You need to please your customers with the good products and after sales support…etc. To maintain all of your customers and deliver best services, you need to have a system which will take care of all the customer requirements.

There are so many customer relationship management software available but salesforce is the first company who came up with cloud based solution. Cloud based solutions are fast, reliable and secure. Salesforce’s vision was to reinvent Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and they have successfully provided the solution. All the products from Salesforce run completely within cloud so there is no expensive startup costs and no maintenance & your employees can work from anywhere using any device with simple internet connection Ex: Smartphone, laptop, Tablet.

Salesforce makes CRM very easy to use for the small businesses and also the large enterprises. Because of this this approach was helped Salesforce to become world’s  number 1 company in CRM . Salesforce not only for Sales and Marketing and also it is a platform to enable you to manage all the interactions with your customers & prospects. So that your organisation can make profits and succeed. That is why salesforce CRM is called Customer Success Platform.

There are two type of applications available as Software as a service

  1. Sales Cloud
    1. Starter – 25USD per user /month
    2. Professional – 75USD per user per month
    3. Enterprise = 150USD per user per month
  2. Service Cloud
    1. Professional – 75USD per user per month
    2. Enterprise = 150USD per user per month

You can register in Saleforce website and try the cloud for a month and then start the subscription.

Saleforce is a American cloud computing company headquartered San Franscisco which is listed in New York Stock Exchange. As per the stock market, I have collected following information to show you the growth rate in revenue as well as net income. You can understand the importance of cloud computing and CRM in cloud.

As on today, I found there are around 3000 jobs on Salesforce as per naukri and some of the typical job roles are Sales force lead, Saledforce developer, Salesforce consultant, Salesforce analyst and many more.

To gain knowledge on above job roles, you can browse through salesforce website to watch demo and take the trial to understand about the platform first and then look for the books and articles equip yourself with knowledge and experience to get jobs in enterprises who use saleforce as their CRM application. You can learn any technology easily with the help of their websites.

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