What is google adsense, How can they pay to threir publishers

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Google adsense is an advertisement program which offers other website owners to publish Ads on behalf of google. So that google will share revenue with publishers. They pay based on clicks and page impressions.

Google get ads from the customers who wants to advertise their products and services thrugh Adwords. Adwords is an advertisement program by google. They show ads in right side bar of search results page  when a user searches. Google shows ads related to search key word user uses to search some thing. They have to show ads to targetted people. So that customer of google will get more sale or service orders.

Google will always sees the quality of ad serving, because they should satisfy the advertisers not adsense publishers. so that adsense publisher also should think about the interest of actual customer of google. Publisher should not think about just to earn money from clicks from their sites. Google may disable the adsense account if publisher do mistake. Publisher should be very careful in placing google ads in their pages.

My account cancelled 2 times. When i applied first time i used to get visitors from yahoo chating. I used to ask  chat friends to click on my ads. I earned $100 within a weeks time. My account was disabled by google due to illegal activity.

I again applied for account. Application approved. This time i used it very carefully and even i afraid to open my own site, becuase i don’t know when the account will be disabled. This time i used adwords to advertise about computer training. My intension is to earn money through adsense not through my actual product. we should not do this. I spent around 60000 INR in adwords and I earned 150,000 INR in 1 months time. Google stopped showing ads in my adwords account. I contacted them for the reason. They told that my landing page is not optimized. I tried to learn about landing page quality. My earnings also stopped becuase without adword there are no visitors to my site. But my adsense account alive. After some months account also disable because of some other violation in one of my web page. Unfortunately one dropdown is overlapping on google ads.

So i learned that to promote our products or talents first rather others. I will tell you small example about adsense ads. Adsense shows ads related to our site content right? That means if you are running an ice cream shop, if customer comes to your shop do you send him to other ice cream shop instead of selling directly to him from your shop. I think i explained clearly. if you don’t understand write to me i will explain more clear about it. You send the customer to other shop if you don’t have the product asked by a cusomter.

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