What is data browser in ABAP workbench?

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There are many tables involved in the whole sap system. We can use data browser in ABAP workbench to get the display of ABAP dictionary tables. We can use data browser to access table entries without using an ABAP program. With data browser, we can display the table records, table field values and related text field values. Data browser also allows us to create table entries

Navigation to start data browser: Overview – data browser from initial workbench screen. Initial workbench screen can be started using S001 transaction code

Transaction code to start data browser: SE16

We have to enter the table name in the input field to get the display of contents of it. We have to click on the display icon which located in application toolbar to get the contents of a particular table. We can enter specific search criteria to restrict or allow searching as per our convenient. The search results will be shown in different colors depending on the field status. We get the meaning of the different colors from the utilities menu.

Table’s key fields will be displayed always. Check table button which is located on the application toolbar, help us to get the information about foreign key relationship. The system will shows us a dialog box for selecting important fields to display when there are too many fields in the specific table.

We can create new entries in the table, if the maintenance allowed check box selected within the dictionary. We can also invoke data browser from the initial maintenance screen of dictionary table.

Customization of data browser’s display: We can customize data browser’s selection and results screen with the help of various options available. They are List width, fixed columns, displayed fields and number of records to be displayed.

  • List width option will give us the information about the number fields displayed
  • Fixed columns will give us the information about the number of fixed columns. These columns do not move when we scroll horizontally through the table. We can enter a new value in the fixed columns field to change the number of fixed fields
  • Displayed fields will give the information about the number of displayed fields out of number of actual fields exist in the selected table
  • We can select the number of records to be displayed in the selection screen of a data browser

We can choose sort ascending or descending on the results screen using setting – list format – sort. We can sort up to 9 fields.

We can limit the number of fields to be displayed by choosing settings – selection criteria in the selection screen – select the table fields which are required to appear on the screen. We can also limit the fields displayed within the data browser output by choosing settings – list format – select columns.

The SAP system maintains these settings between SAP sessions. These settings will comes back to default when we log off from the SAP system.

How to display the foreign relationship of a particular field: There are some fields have foreign key relationship with other tables. We can display the element from the other table which corresponds to the current table field. We can get this result by placing cursor on the field for which the foreign key is defined – choose environment – click Check table. The SAP system displays the element of the check table which corresponds to the foreign key field we selected.

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