What is computer networking, how to create one?

Computer networking is formed when two or more computers are connected using network cables and configured those using a network operating system. Computer networking is very important concept and which is backbone of today’s internet. We can use computer networking to communicate with each other and share different types of documents and other media such as audio, video. There are many network protocols available today to make the computers to communicate each other.

I will try to explain the concept of computer networking in simple terms to make any fresher comfortable to start their career as computer networking engineer. Minimum prerequisite knowledge require you to learn computer networking is knowledge in basic hardware and operating system.

Computer networking – operating system

Computer networking – operating system is a software which includes functions which will help you to configure, send and receive information to other similar or dissimilar computers connected in the same network.

Operating system + Networking functions = Computer Network operating system.

There are different operating systems available today offers networking functions inside the software. Examples of some of the computer network operating systems are ¬†Microsoft Windows, Linux, Sun Solaris, Unix…etc All these operating systems are designed such way that they offer many networking functions like File sharing, DNS, DHCP, FTP, HTTP, SMTP, IMAP, TCP/IP, NTP, POP, SSL and many more.

Computer networking (Peer-to-Peer)

Students who want to learn computer networking at home can start with configuring simple peer-to-peer computer network. This type of computer networking helps you in sharing files and folders from one computer to another computer, share printer connected physically to one computer can be used from second computer and send prints directly to the printer. You can also use this type of computer networking to share the internet connection, sharing a dvd drive…etc.

Brief outline on configuring peer-to-peer computer network

  1. Make sure that you have minimum 2 computers and 1 cross cable
  2. You should have any NOS such as windows 7 in both of your computers
  3. Connect both computers using the cross cable
  4. Configure windows 7 with proper computer name, protocol and enable file and printer sharing
  5. Share a folder in one computer and access it from another computer from its explorer

Computer Networking

How to make the cross cable

  1. Buy 2-3 meters of lan or cat 5 cable, 2 RJ-45 connectors, Lan cable and crimping tool
  2. Remove sleeves up to 1/2 inch at each end and make sure that all the 8 wires are properly stretched and not damaged when you removed sleeves
  3. Catch hold of all 8 wires of one end of cable into your hand and insert those into the RJ45 connector and press it with crimping tool. Please ensure that, tip of each wire from front face of connector should be visible before pressing. (Follow the standard color coding)
  4. Repeat the same step as 3rd step at second end with 1-3  and 2-6 wires reversed (Follow the standard color coding)

Computer networking configuration in single computer

Usually, Many of you may not have 2 computers at home to make this experiment success. I have an idea for these students. This can be achieved by using the concept of virtualising. Today, We have many software for virtualising computers. Always, I use VMware for this purpose. If you install VMware workstation in your computer, you can create any number of virtual machines along with operating system in your physical computer. try to install VMware workstation complete this experiment and ask me questions if any. You must observe that, with this concept of virtualisation, there is no need of having even cross cable.

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