What is Application Hierarchy in SAP System?

As I wrote in my earlier article about ABAP workbench tools, there are many different types of navigation tools,  SAP Application Hierarchy is also another navigation tool. It will displays the structure of the whole sap application. This structure includes all the default and customized application developments. SAP Application hierarchy will give you the clear idea about whole organization and structure of all the r3 standard business applications.

There are two types of structures in SAP application hierarchy, They are SAP standard and customer applications. SAP standard applications are the applications which are developed by sap and included in the software by default. Customer applications are the applications which are developed by the customer with the help of their sap team.

You can start sap application hierarchy from the ABAP initial workbench screen. The transaction code to start the ABAP initial screen is S001. Click Overview – Application Hierarchy – SAP or Customer. Click SAP to get the display of the SAP standard application hierarchy structure and click customer to get the display of customer developed applications along with full management.

We can see the structure of all the functional applications (modules) which make up the entire SAP system by selecting SAP application hierarchy. There are two types of application nodes in SAP application hierarchy, they are title and development nodes.

Title nodes:

Title nodes are used only for documentation purpose. This will indicate the application hierarchy clearly. We can understand the whole structure of the SAP system from the application hierarchy titles. Title node are not associated with any development class and these are used only to give the visual appearance of entire application hierarchy.

Development nodes:

There is a development class associated with a development node which has a direct link to all the objects of the particular development class. We can access the list of all the objects assigned to a particular development by double clicking on any development node. So we can understand very easily about which objects are related to a specific development class.

We can also can get the list of objects of a specific development class with the help of repository browser (ABAP Workbench Tool). We can search for objects which are belonging to a particular node using application hierarchy. To search object in a application hierarchy, select the node (F9) – Click on Repository Information System button which is located on application toolbar.

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