What is an Oragnizational unit and how do we create and configure it’s properties

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¬†An organizational unit is a type of Active Directory object and it is called as OU in simple form. OU is just like a folder of a windows file system. Folder is used to store files and folders and OU is used to hold other OU’s and objects. The main purpose of OU is to make network administration simple.

Step-by-step procedure to create an OU

  • Start Active Directory Users and Computers. Active Directory Users and Computers can be accessed by clicking start – programs – administrative tools.
  • In the Active Directory Users and Computers dialog box, select the domain in which you want to create an Organizational Unit – Click Action – New – Organizational Unit. You also can create an OU in another OU. To do this expand and select the OU in which you want to create new OU and select Action – New – Organizational Unit.
  • In the “New Object – Organizational Unit” type the name of the OU you want to create. Click Ok.
  • The created OU will be displayed in the right pane

Step-by-step procedure for configuring an OU

  • After creating an OU by following above procedure, right click on the OU you created and click properties
  • You can configure the OU using tabs like “General” , “Managed By” , “Group Policy”
  • You can specify a complete geographic address of the OU in the “General” tab.
  • You can specify the user account that is responsible for managing this OU in the “Managed By” tab.

In this way you can create and configure any number of organizational units according to your company’s requirement. I will show you this experiment in my online interactive class in MCSE training. Please take appointment to attend class by filling your details in comments section of this post.

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