What is a website?

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Information can be displayed through internet using web pages. one or more than web pages linked together is called web site. All the web pages are designed or prepared individually and linked together in required sequence depending on the logical makeup of information on the site.

We can provide any type of information to the public using a web site. Web site may contain one or more web pages. All the web pages will be stored in a web server and will be availed to visitors always over internet.

Advantages of having a website are:

  1. We can promote our products and services to all over world
  2. We can store customer information like Name and address of a cusotmer
  3. We can give detailed information about our products and services
  4. We can communicate with our customers using online messages, chat, video conferencing…etc
  5. No need to maintain physical office which needs more expenditure
  6. We can maintain accounts, inventory, employee details online
  7. We can generate different sales material like quotations, brochures…etc

……more to write, almost we can maintain a complete virtual shop where customers will come and buy by paying through their credit cards.

Requirements to have website:

  1. domain name of your choice – check for availability
  2. web space – you can buy this from hosting providers ( I have listed some of best hosting companies here under)
  3. Website designing knowledge or you can hire a web designing professionals to develop your site ( I will do this service and charge depends upon functionality of required web site)

I think you understood about a website. For more details about website please leave a message as comment to this post. I will get back to you with the answer to your question.

Here are some of the best hosting companies providing Web Hosting.

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