What is a SAP

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SAP stands for System Applications and Products. It is the name of both the online financial and Administrative software and the company that developed it. SAP is made up of individual modules that perform various organizational system tasks. SAP Basic Skills like SAP user profile, An SAP user profile is established to identify the authenticity of the individual logging on to SAP and to specify the functions that the user is allowed to perform. Access to both the sap practice environment and the SAP Production live environment. (The practice environment has the same functions and transactions as the Production environment but has specific data for practice exercises).  As you continue to work on your own with the SAP system, you will discover that SAP offers many ways of completing standard tasks. This great flexibility allows each user to develop his or her own preferences for using navigation options and system shortcuts.

The SAP Basic Skills is used to design for new SAP users. The basic skill is divided into lessons, and you are encouraged to complete the lessons in the order presented so that you may thoroughly understand the material in each lesson before attempting to complete the next in the series. In some cases a lesson will include separate instructions for where the steps are different for the two platforms. If there is a platform designation indicated, please be sure to follow the steps for the platform you are using to complete the basic skills. SAP terminology along with classic financial terminology is used for business. The terminology presented this is used frequently both in this basic skills and in financial communications. SAP financial terminology is based on general accounting functions. If you do not have an accounting background, it is recommended that you attend the Accounting Fundamentals course to taking Basic Skills.

A SAP Basic Skills completely self-contained version of the SAP database, designated for a specific purpose. A Production environment contains live, real-time data while a non-production environment such as the practice environment holds valid, but not real-time data, and is be used for learning examples. Separate environments do not exchange information. If you enter data into one environment, you will not be able to see that information in another environment. Graphical User Interface. The SAPgui is the software on your computer or local server that allows you to connect to one or more of the SAP environments. The collection of authorizations a user or set of users has been granted in order to perform transactions related to their jobs. For example, someone designated as a requisitioned might only have the ability to create and change, but not approve requisitions. SAP gives the transaction a document number and adds the document to the transaction data that is already in the system. Whenever you complete a transaction in SAP, that is, when you create, change, or print a document in SAP, this document number appears at the bottom of the screen.

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