What is a data type and what are PHP data types

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The data type is a set of data with values having predefined characteristics. Usually any programming language consists of some limited built in data types. In the same way the php scripting language also supports 8 different data types.

They are integer, float, string, Boolean, array, object, resource, NULL

The language usually specifies the range of values to the specified data type, and also tells the computer that how the values are processed and stored.

These 8 data types classified into three types, they are scalar, compound and special types. The scalar data type which holds single unit of data and these are single-valued data types that can be used for individual variables, constants, etc. The compound data type can hold multiple elements of data.

Scalar data types are integer, float, string, Boolean

Compound data types are array and object

Special data types are resource and null

These data types are used to define variables while writing a computer program.

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