wow my google adsense account is approved today and got little more confidence

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Thanks google adsense team. My account approved by google. i want to give good information to the public online by writing different original articles. I am wrting articles from last 12 days continuously to get my site in google search results. I am following all search engine friendly tricks. So that my articles are coming in all search engines almost instantly as results of search queries by browsers. I felt little unhappy that my adsense account which i applied 4 days back is not yet approved. Suddently i have seen a mail from google says that my application is approved and can place ads on my pages or website. I felt very very happy by seeing the mail form google. I will write even more good articles which will be helpful to internet users, technical engineers, learners, employees, old persons, house wifes and even to children.

I will help any body to get their site optimized for search engines. I even guide the people where to buy web hosting account and what are all safety precations to take while buying a web hosting account and domain name. I even help in database connectivity. So please ask me question to help in this forum.

I have learned that earning money is very difficult. Simply we can not earn money wihtout doing any thing. To earn money we have to work. God created man only to work and help other people. We have to follow him. Earning money over internet even more difficult without working. But, if we work sincerly and systematically we can earn lot of money in lot ways in short time. So we can help others how to do this. Same thing i am doing. if you are interested please make friendship with me. I have 13 years experience in IT filed (Hardware and Software). So that you can gain lot knowledge from me. I will get help definetly from the people to whom i help. So i am not doing this for free of cost. I am expecting something by doing this. I trust that nothing is free in this world. Each and every second is useful and can get lot of things by the time laps.

If you also want to have one blog like me, please contact me through comments section to get a blog website with all configurations such way that the blog is search engine optimised.

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