What basic topics to understand to getting into advanced sap basis administration?

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Basis administration is also a vast subject like any other administration like network administration or database administration. There are some basic topics to be discussed and practiced before learning advanced concepts of advanced basis administration. Some of the topics listed here. I will explain all of the following topics practically online. You can ask me about any following topic to understand better. I will help you with the detailed explanation.

  • General Information
    about SAP
  • Overview of SAP systems
  • R/3 Architecture of SAP Systems
  • SAP Landscape
  • Operating System and it’s configuration to install SAP system (Network configuration)
  • Sizing of Hardware, Performance configuration
  • J2sdk installation and configuring environment variables
  • RDBMS installation and configuration (Oracle, MSSQL, MAXDB and DB2)
  • Installation of SAP GUI or SAP Front end
  • Installation of SAP 4.7, NW, ECC 5, ECC 6, Solution manager and BI
  • configuring SAP GUI
  • Logging onto SAP system using SAP GUI
  • Logging into SAP system using default clients and users
  • Un installation of SAP system (Central and database instances) or Central System un installation
  • Un-installation of all OS dependencies, J2SDK and RDBMS
  • Checking rdbms and sap services
  • Checking SAP groups and users at os level
  • Accessing databases from OS level
  • Checking SAP and RDBMS directories after completion of SAP system installation
  • Post installation activities for SAP system to up and run
  • Understanding system profiles (Default, Start, Instance)
  • Understanding and working with DPMON
  • Knowing and locating port of SAP system
  • Creating a user in SAP system
  • Creating mass users in SAP system
  • Resetting password of a user
  • Setting expiry of a user
  • Copying a user
  • Deleting a user or users
  • Locking and unlocking user/users
  • Renaming a user
  • Deactivating user account
  • Types of users
  • Understanding about SAP licensing and installing license
  • SAP Landscape (Single system landscape, 2 System landscape, 3 system landscape)
  • Phases of SAP implementation in real-time
  • Client administration (Client creation, Local client copy, log checking, deleting a client)
  • Types of clients (Master client, Support client and Earlywatch client)
  • Basic SAP T-Codes and understanding about them
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  1. Tabasssum Shafiq

    Hello Raj,
    i recently registred here and fixed so many issues with the help of articles you posted.
    I forgot GUI login password, can you please help me out.

    Best of regards,


    • Raj


      What is the user name you are using to login? Did you remember the user name and password given at the time of installation for sap* and ddic. If you remember you can login as either of these users and reset the password of your existing user which you are using to work with. Also inform me the client which you are using. I will try to help you to solve the problem.


  2. Suja

    Hi raj,

    I want to learn about all these and i want to practice it from home, kindly let me know What i have to do to practice basis from home



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