What are all the main trace functions in an SAP system?

Oky, here’s the essential things you must know to begin with. The main trace functions in an SAP system are system log, short dump analysis, system trance, performance trace and developer trace. Trace functions are significant to follow different operations in your sap system. You can follow what is happening in your sap system using trace functions. Trace information will help you to solve the different problems in your sap system. Let me introduce you to t-codes and menu paths. My students usually ask me what is the significance of these t-codes, answers and clarity are a part and parcel of my high impact sap basis training that has found appreciation in more than 55 countries. And here’s what is say…

You can use the following t-codes and menu paths to open main trace functions in an sap system.

System Log SM21 Tools – Administration – Monitor – System Log
Short dump analysis ST22 Tools – Abap Workbench – Test – Dump analysis
SAP System trace ST01 Tools – Administration – Monitor – Traces – SAP System trace
Performance trace ST05 Tools – Administration – Monitor – Traces – Performance trace
Developer trace ST11 AL11, ST11 and SM50 can be used to view developer traces

System Log SM21

Problems and events are recorded in each application server locally. You can display the information that are recorded using the trace fucntion system log. central system log is not possible with windows hosts. So that only local log is possible for sap systems that are installed on windows hosts. The default path of the local log is c:usrsap\<instance_directory>log. You can define the file name of local system log with the help of ‘rslg/local/file’ parameter. You can also shcedule system logging as job witht the help of ABAP program RSLG0000

Short dump Analysis ST22

You can check syntax check while creating any ABAP program. Once the ABAP program is syntactically error free, you can activate ABAP program. You may get error while executing ABAP program dunamically. If the error occured, ABAP runtime environment terminates the execution of the program, generates the short dump and branches to a special screen for analysing the short dump. You can check overview of short dump to understand about the problem properly and can open ABAP debugger from the same screen to correct the problem. Short dumps are stored in an SAP system for 28 days and then will be deleted automatically. You can also delete short dumps using reorganize function in accordance with a time specification. You can use keep/release function to save the short dump without time limit. You can aslo send extract of a short dump to SAP in the case of problem being not solved by yourself. SAP hotline and remote consulting will provide you the solution based on information that is available in the extraction of your short dump.

SAP system trace ST01

You can use SAP system trace function to trace the authorization that are checking when you perfrom different operations in your SAP system. System trace is used for analysing authorizations, DB accesses, Kerenel functions, Kernel modules, DB accesses, Access to Table bufferes, Lock operations. In the initial screen of ST01, you can select the components that you want to record and then activate the trace from application tool bar. System will record all the activities that you are perfroming after activating trace option. You can deactivate the trace and analyse the data about the activities. For example, The authorizations that are checked while executing different t-codes and database SQL commands…etc

The trace files are stored in the directory: c:usrSAP<SID><Instance_Directory>logTRACE

Perormance trace ST05

The performance trace also provides same functions as of system trace. The performance trance is useful for analyzing database calls, access to table buffers, lock management calls, remote calls of reports and transactions, SQL statements and individual trace records. The performance trace is integrated in to ABAP work bench as a test tool.

Parameters of trace file:

SAP system writes the trace data to trace files. This is done using a process-internal buffer instead of writing data directly to files. Following parameters are used for defining file name, number of trace files, maximum file size etc…

  • rstr/buffer_size_kB determines buffer size
  • rstr/max_filesize_MB determines file size
  • rstr/max_files determines number of trace files

Developer trace ST22

Developer traces are files that stores the technical information is used when the error occur to solve the problem. This type of trace is used to investigate problem in the host and internal SAP problems. You can find developer trace files in the path c:usrsap\<instance_directory>work

You can also open developer traces using t-codes like ST11, AL11 and SM50. If you want to see the developer trace of any single work process, go to t-code SM50 and select work process that you want to see the developer trace, select process – trace – display file

I want you to run all the trace function t-codes in your SAP system and understand the different further functions available in each t-code which will be useful for your problem analysis. You can use different trace functions based on the error you are getting.

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