What are all the different types of human skills?

A human skill is a proficiency in the performance of a task. Human skills are four types. They are

  1. Motor Skill
  2. Social Skill
  3. Economic skill
  4. Leisure skill

Motor Skill: A motor skill is an integration of muscular activity for performance of a complicated act.

Motor skill is an action which can be performed to do a complicated task which is not very easy to do by everybody.  Some muscular activity is required to do this task. We will call this type of skill as motor skill. I have selected an image from internet and publishing here to give clear idea about motor skill. See the below picture shows that a boy performing bending back posture easily. This task cannot be done everybody without practice. This type of skill is called motor skill.

A boy performing bending back posture
Motor Skill


Social Skill: This helps us to establish good social relationships. Examples of social skills are mode of speech, facial expressions, gestures, posture and gait.

Social skill is required to make friends in the society. We should have social skill to work as a as a sales executive, marketing engineer, service engineer, manager even as director. Without having proper social skills we cannot lead life smoothly. This skill is mainly required to maintain good relationships. I have inserted a picture below to represent a social skill. All the children are helping each other to put umbrella evenly on top of the ground without any pillar support. That means all children are having good social skills to achieve this complicated task.

Children are helping each other to keep umbrella over the ground
Social Skill


Economic Skill: It enables a person to earn his living. Examples of economic skills are nursing, painting, typing, dress-making etc.

Economic skill is the skill which will help in earning income from any type of task. We will do many different types of activities daily to earn money. We can do any activity like stitching of cloths, repairing computers, making websites, teaching software, blogging online to earn money. All these are economic skills. I am maintaining punarvasi.com blog to earn my daily income. This is also an economic skill. I have pasted an image which represents a man teaching a computer subject to his students.

A man is explaing computer subject to his students
Economic Skill


Leisure Skill: It gives pleasure and satisfaction to a person in his free time. Examples of leisure skills are playing a musical instrument, dancing, photography etc.

We can accomplish a task in our leisure time to pass the time for good mood and refreshment. We will get happy by doing this type of task. The skill which is performed in leisure time to get happiness is called leisure skill. There are many leisure skills like swimming, gardening, playing cricket, boating, fishing etc… I do my yoga in my leisure time to get happy breathing and good health. So that yoga is also called a leisure skill in my opinion. I have given a picture below to represent leisure skill. Two boys are running their boats on their own. Running boats is their leisure skill. They will get only happiness and fun by doing this nothing else.

Two boys are running their boats on their own
Leisure Skill


Skills have the following advantages:

Skills provide economic security and social prestige.

Skills help develops a person personality.

Skills give emotional satisfaction to a person

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    thanks 4k ur excellent presentation of the skill types.any where do we group this skills!


    hi! do you have a questionnaire about the four types of human skills that you posted? do you condsider the following as a human skills?
    Interpersonal competent
    Respect for individual dignity
    GodBless and More power!

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