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Now a day’s all the business firms are using their own web sites for their advertisement purpose. The costumers can also know about the products of a particular firm easily. They can do online shopping through websites. So, all the firms are creating their own websites. For the creation of website we make use of web servers. We have many kinds of web servers, on of them is the Apache web server.

Around in 1990’s we have only the Netscape communication corporation server, which is now calling as sun java systems. Later on the Apache Web Server is created by a group of members. It is exactly developed in mid of 1994 by the programmers Robert McCool and group. Apache is really well when compare to the Netscape server. People who got fed up with the old server, they started using this Apache server. This server became very popular in just four years. Now the Apache has become as an organization which is free and open software. The new version of Apache is Apache 2.0 is developed in 2002.

The name apache is selected by a group of people, which actually spelled as a patchy means a bunch of ideas n software.

The features of apache server:

This server can have many features like common languages interface, approximate modules, and it is a rewrite engine. As this is a Web Server, it is used for hosting purpose. A single apache server can handle different kinds of websites. Using free scripts we can view the apache log through an internet service.  We can transfer the data in internet safely n securely by using the apache server.

Why to choose apache as our web server?

To log into apache it is very easy as it is having an approximate modules. The apache is free software as any one can use this software. We can also manipulate the URL in forward and reverse direction. The apache can serve both the static and the dynamic data. It is very flexible. Based on the net craft survey 54% web sites are working based on the apache server. It is extremely portable.

Finally the apache Web Server the best features and it can support very well. The usage of this server will tell the support of the server. And being an open server it is free for all the users of servers. By seeing all the features it is better to choose the apache web server.


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