Ways to do sap implementaion

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ERP is validated on its functionality and user friendliness. Integration of different applications is tight and easy to handle by a user in SAP ERP. We can implement sap erp in a small to enterprise companies in different ways. We have to decide which¬† ERP based operating system should we use to implement or install sap. We can select any of the operating systems like microsoft, Solaris, AIX, hpux, Redhat…etc. After Selection of operating system, we have to decide what type of hardware we should use to implement SAP ERP. There are different hardware available in market some of them are Intel, SUN, IBM, HP. Lastly we have to take decision which database we need to use. There are so many databases available in the market. Some of major database software’s are oracle, DB2, MSSQL, MAXDB, Informix.

Different companies selects different options to implement the SAP ERP software into their system. This depends on their hardware and budget. We can install or implement on any type of system hardware or operating systems as basis consultants.

Some of the important words and its abbreviation are listed below:

R/3: Real time 3 tier architecture

XI: Exchange Enterprise structure

EP: Enterprise portal

ECC: ERP central component

PI: Process Integration

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